Dead Cat Blues (original)

A funny thing happened the other week on the forum.
Someone suggested I write alternative lyrics for one of my pet hate songs by the Fab Four.
I picked up the gauntlet and modestly called it Even Better than the Beatles. I didn’t learn how to play it properly, and probably won’t (although may give it a lash on the ukelele)
Not wanting to ‘waste’ some perfectly decent doggerel, I’m afraid I ‘fell off the wagon’ and reverted to my old habits of humdrum minor chord progressions, inane finger strumming patterns, and pressing record before learning to play and sing without reading off the screen (who writes this junk anyway?)
I had to alter the lyrics to fit in with the new song structure, and I’m afraid all that remains of Schrödinger’s pussy is a nod in the title and the portrait. (The full Monty can be found on YT.)
Whilst the whole purpose of the song is supposed to raise a smile from ‘the odd’ listener, the underlying philosophy of predeterminism is something I have come to believe in firmly over the last number of years. (and fortunately my deck was stacked with everything except ‘crap’)

G’wan… gi’z a smile! :smiley:

Welcome to this game of cards, I like to call it life
My daddy was a dealer, as was his pretty wife
They shuffled all their chromosomes in pairs of 23
I got her looks, his brains, I play them carefully

Environmental influences make my genes unstable
Kings and queens and jokers, galore
This deck is stacked with crap and I end up underground
Lady luck, you can be a heartless whore

If you believe in physics all the same
If you think your thoughts are products of your brain
If your actions are a consequence of chemical cascades
free will be comes a sad charade (x2)

Let’s divide infinity with calendars and clocks
The sun, moon and hands spin too fast
Gaze into your present this crystal ball
You can only tell the future from the past (x2)

Einstein declared God don’t play no dice
No space nor time behaves randomly
No free will, hey man we got no choice
If we believe in laws of physicality



Wow Brian,
Actually I’m a bit quiet about it…so I’ll tap softly :smile:… good story to read :sunglasses:
And the music :clap: :sunglasses: :man_bowing: :man_bowing: …your rhythm guitar and the way of singing and and and :clap: :clap: :clap:

And you a blues??? … okay in the title,not a clasic 145 :sweat_smile: … i am very impressed and so very happy that you have cast this text in this form…

I will leave all jokes aside, it’s just a lot to like…BIS BIS BIS


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I’m smiling, Brian. Free will and predeterminism … from physics to philosophy.

Good use of the Trio. And for the rest, you have such a way with words, deliver with style, and strum away ever so pleasantly.

Rock on.

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I am truly enjoying this performance.
Beautiful composition, and very emotional vocals, simply lovely!!!
Stay well, and keep making 'em great music!
Thank you, @brianlarsen !

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Hahahaha!!! Almost as good as your songs is the intro you write on top :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Laughing everytime of what youre able to scribble/write…

That said… i think i can see quite an improvement from when i started to follow you. First time i saw you were in that Justin open mic…
Your timing is thighter. The guitar sounds thighter. Everything runs smoother in a way.
Lyricswise… well. Youre an master in writing and something to aspire, hope i can do the same one day…

Keep it up my friend, suspect that you wont run out of things to write about.

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If that had not been a merry moment of mirth, you would have been taken to task for this statement Mr L !!

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :scream: :scream_cat:

Loved it. What a jolly romp. Vox, gtr n trio all finally finely tuned.


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Yes, well @roger_holland, I’m glad you are still parking up early at the fresh fruit stall. Although I didn’t exactly name-check you- you are to blame for this detour! :rofl:
You needn’t worry, I’m ok to take not only jokes, but criticism too. After all, this is where I do my learning and if folk don’t say: “Hey, you know what would work better?”, or “Needs reverb” etc., I’d be moving even more slowly… :roll_eyes:
But thank you nonetheless.
Regarding the blues… I only ever use that word in song titles. I do not believe instruments talk, that’s what words are for :wink:

@DavidP , a musical travelling companion with a love of words as well as the guitar.
Thank you for the smiles. Much appreciated, my friend.

@ReneAsologuitar Goodness, high praise indeed! :smiley:
You belong to that group of accomplished players who provide so many of us aspiring learners with examples of what is achievable. I’m even more impressed by the ‘authenticity’ of your performances than the quality. Thanks for the listen, comment and encouragement :smiley:

@tRONd Haha, some might call it click-bait :laughing:
Yes, we’re still progressing, albeit at a slower pace than those heady days when it was a new chord every week, each one opening a whole new horizon of possible songs to access.
The whole writing thing is weird. Although I love languages, I always hated writing. My older brother Hans, used to play in a rock band in school and the singer/songwriter (who was quite good) told him he had to write the lyrics, because he knew English. I remember him being handed a piece of paper with “Get bearded x 7” on it, saying “It goes like that”. Hans asked if would I help him and I just laughed, thinking how absurd, to think someone could just write a song.
Turns out, you can (I think).
I really like songs of foreign bands who don’t speak English well, but have a go anyway, as you sometimes get strange meanings and ambiguity. Maybe I should write a Danish song! :laughing:

@Toby, Monsieur, I’m not sure how you ended up in Frogland.
Your scouse sense of humour suggests you are a spiritual son of the Mersey…
Mercy, mon ami :smiley:


for clarity … Just ONLY a lot to like… :sunglasses:

And for the rest ,i deny all responsibility now and certainly for the future :grimacing:, i know that… i know my past :innocent:

I give you an extra :sunflower:

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Guess something rubbed off in those 2 years working in Bootle ! :+1:

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Smiling :slightly_smiling_face::v:

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Thank you, Lee :smiley:

Well when I opened the box the cat was definitely still alive Brian. That was great although I did enjoy the original ob-la-di version too.
Your lyrics certainly always raise a smile. Ok you’re back to your finger strum but if it makes you happy …… Good work too with the Trio+ and what I’m assuming is your fancy pedal changing to the different tone in the bridge part. I thought that bit worked really well.

You can certainly pen a song Brian are the undisputed Community entertainment king.

As for predeterminism, well I’m determined to keep working away at guitar in the hope I’m predetermined to be terrific at it. :grinning:

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The cat would be proud. :thinking:

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Original in the title, even your covers are original Brian. This one was great and yes, I did give you a smile, all the way though.

Maybe it’s time to go off and make your millions writing songs for others.

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Hi Brian, I’m having quite hard times in these days and my mood is a bit in a hole and it’s not a rabbit hole :wink:. But this one brought a big smile on my face yesterday, thanks for that! :hibiscus:

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from our garden last year with a bee flying on it…for you :smiling_face:


@roger_holland :heart_eyes: Thanks a lot! Another smile on my face! :partying_face:


Hehe, cheers @sairfingers , don’t worry, I haven’t given up hope on the pick yet, but things that feel good… just feel good
Thank you for the listen and encouragement on both versions :smiley:
Entertainment in my opinion is based on making some kind of connection with ‘the audience’. I was fortunate to stumble across this community and God knows, I have spent more than my fair share of enjoyable hours cultivating relationships with the good folk here. ‘Outsiders’ (including friends and family) are far less impressed by my musical offerings, and rightly so! :laughing:

@Malz … if it hadn’t fallen foul of the dog(gerel) :rofl:

@SgtColon Thanks Stefan, much appreciated
I’m glad I’m past the stage in life where I wished I could be rich and famous
I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be :smiley:

@Helen0609 Sorry you’re having a troublesome time. So happy to make you smile too!
But you and that Dutch guy really need to find a private place, rather than hang out on sad Scandinavian threads… (just kidding of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
Vielen Dank und aufwaerts! :smiley:


What can I say… you should listen to that dutch friend of yours more often… I don’t think I commented on the obla di obla da version… I did watch and enjoy it but been struggling for time recently to comment… but with life sometimes there is a second bite of the cherry or a dead cat… I do enjoy your originals… I find you to be a bit of a wordsmith… and let’s not forget your also quite handy with a guitar… I just hope that you don’t get lost down that rabbit hole chasing tones than making the world a better place with your unknown covers (which we both know @sairfingers treasures) and originals. Kudos by the way on putting the phone down and focusing on lessons. I’ve got a strange feeling that we will soon be seeing Mr Larsen playing along with a backing track… maybe his very own rock study or similar.


Well, that was a great way to start off a Friday morning with a smile! :rofl: Great job with the lyrics, and the guitar work was really solid. I do love a good parody.

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