Do bad things happen if you don't change strings often enoughg

Not for the last two years, no. But, yeah, I had :wink:

Guess you dont play a lot? :rofl:

Before 2020, nope.

Vintage Strings :rofl:

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I hadn’t changed strings on a guitar since 1991 and totally take the blame for the climate crisis, multiple wars and trump/putin/bojo

I apologise completely for this lapse of judgement


What’s a bojo?

Boris johnson

:joy::joy::joy: It was you all along!
I’ll also pin Brexit on that too :joy:

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On a serious note, it depends what you consider a serious issue. For example, it is an issue for me when the strings have gunk and they are sticky and my fingers pick up the dirt and become dirty and sticky too.
And then the top strings will rust and they feel scratchy on the frets and tbey feel and sound awful.
These are issues for me.
If they’re not for you, you’re golden :wink:
Just be careful with snapped rusty stuff

Dang, are you eating peanut butter with your fingers and then playing the guitar? I can’t imagine sticky strings! :rofl:



Haha nooo, and I always wash my hands before playing and wait for them to be completely dry before I get the guitar. But I tend to sweat so fingers leave residue on the strings… Even if I wipe down when I’m done,it just builds up… So I know when wiping doesn’t help, it’s time to change strings!

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Ah yeah, I forget some people get sweatier than me! My hands seem to stay pretty dry. I save all my sweating for things like gardening or house building. :wink:

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There was something I read about more fret wear from old, maybe slightly (invisibly) corroded strings…

Guitarist on Justin Beibers song, $99 guitar, hasnt changed the strings in 5 years.


Jack White is known for playing $100 guitars. He says you have to “work” it to get the sound you want!

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What gauge string do you think he’s using? :smiley:

@RobDickinson @sticktothemuse - Quieten it down you guys, how can we justify our instruments when you post controversial topics like that, sheesh… :man_facepalming:

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