E Shape Minor Barre Chords

Minor E Shape Barres are harder than Major E Shape Barres - but here's how you'll nail them!

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I have a question regarding the barre chords. I think I am pretty comfortable with most of my major barre chords. But can anyone please help me by specifying how much comfortable should one get to move on to the minor ones?

Hi there welcome to Community. You should be able to play them nicely so all notes ring out during perfect chord changes, you should be able to switch between different chords and barre chords at least 30 times a min and you should be able to play some songs using a barre, if you can do it you are good to go.

I’m surprised a search didn’t reveal any other topics on this one.

So what’s the trick to hitting the F minor chord? Obviously it’s not a case of just lifting a finger, as the G string is then muted using the bent finger bar taught by Justin. I’ve tried straightening my finger, moving it up and down, using the bottom and side, but I just can’t seem to find any position in which I get all strings to ring out cleanly. On the rare occasions I manage to get the G string to ring out, something else is dead instead.

I do have pretty bony fingers, but I’m sure there are plenty of players out there that share this genetic trait! Any tips on how I can solve this problem?

Try F#m it’s a more common chord and being played on the second fret it’s a little easier. If thats still not working you can move to up the neck to Am (5th fret). I find using the bent index finger to barre minor chords work for me.

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Tried everything suggested but STILL not hitting that 3rd string!!!
Any other tips? Or is it just stick with it and practice


Are you rotating the index finger so you barre with the side of the finger where its bonier? Then adjust the finger up or down to get the barre ringing out.