Eddie_09 - August 2022 - Anouk, U2, Bruce Springsteen

I used to live in the Netherlands where I discovered Anouk and this was one of her songs I loved so thought I would give it a go.
Apologies for the poor recording as I recorded it on my iPhone in the kitchen.

U2 - Running To Standstill

Bruce Springsteen - Used Cars


Fantastic Eddie!

Nice clean playing, great voice :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers Dave,
Appreciate the good feedback :+1:. Still trying to get used to the sound of my voice when recorded.

Good stuff. It’s taken me a fair while to used to the sound of my own voice. The more I’ve recorded myself and the more I’ve listened to myself has helped heaps. When I first heard it I really cringed. It’s nice to now be able to listen to it and enjoy it.

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Enjoyed that a bunch. Your playing and vocal sounds expressive to me. Well done.

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Hi Eddie,
Our one and only rock bit…woman…who unfortunately hates being on stage…but she is so good…And you played and sang it beautifully :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:… .lovely to listen to on an early Saturday morning,…You can make a deep bow and then I’ll clap for a while…thank you.

Nice follow up to your debut, and indeed another song I didn’t know :laughing:
No apologies required for recording quality. Tech is marvelous these days and playing/performance is the important bit.
Good to see that you are willing- and able- to inject feeling/passion into your performance. Too many don’t.
Watching the video, your change to the G chord is much more hesitant than all the others. I can’t hear it, but wonder if a bit of concentrated 1-minute chord changes to the G would make your life easier?
Good stuff :smiley:

:clap: :clap: :clap:
That was delightful, Eddie.

As Brian said, no apologies needed for how and where the recording was made. The quality of an iPhone is more than just good enough.

What is sometimes a challenge with single mic recordings is the guitar-voice balance. I think it is spot on here.

Great showcase of righthand technique, blend full strums, strums on the higher strings, and picking individual notes while maintaining smooth rhythm throughout.

That was really great Eddie. Lots of feeling in your playing and singing and certainly no need to worry about getting used to the sound of your own voice. Don’t know the song or artist but I enjoyed your version.
For some reason your change to G is slower than the rest and results in an open string strum between chords. That’s the one to practise. It was the open low E string that caught my ear.

That was great Eddie. I only discovered Anouk this week when l came across a fingerstyle lesson for her song Lost which I was thinking about learning. I found your cover to be very good as you put your emotions into it and your playing was really good. Thank you for introducing me to another one of her songs.

Hartelijk bedankt Rogier!
I spent 9 years living in the Netherlands mostly in The Hague and got into some great music there, Anouk, van dik hout and of course golden earring and many others.
Thanks for the feedback and the encouragement.
Eddie :sunglasses:

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Thanks David,
It was only when I started to record myself this week that I noticed the pause in changing from C to G. I have probably been doing it since I started playing so it’s going to take a bit of effort to undo.

Cheers James,
If you are into acoustic guitar you should check out her song ”Michel ”. It sounds beautiful when played on acoustic.

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Thanks for the feedback Gordon. It was only when watching my recording that I noticed my pause in changing to G. That’s my work on for now but it might take a while to undo 3 years of a bad habit :weary:

Cheers Brian
It was only when watching the recording that I noticed the slow G change so that’s my work on for now. Another great argument for recording what you are playing I guess. Going to take some effort to undo 3 years of a bad habit. :weary:
Glad you enjoyed the song!!

That was really good Eddie don’t know the original but enjoyed the song in your rendition. Hats off!

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I’ve never heard of the artist before Eddie but I’ll be checking her out after watching your video. Nice singing and playing. I really enjoyed it.

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Thanks Stefan, Anouk is probably more known for faster more “rock” style songs but she had some great slow songs that really sound good on acoustic guitar. Michel and Lost are 2 that come to mind.

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Growing up in Ireland :ireland: in the early 80’s U2 were one of the first bands I listened to. This is an oldie but one of my favorites from the album the Joshua tree called running to standstill. I hope you enjoy it.


nice song choice
i enjoyed it