Eddie_09 - October 2022 - Bruce Springsteen

Hi All,
Here is my cover of the Bruce Springsteen song from the mid 90’s (95 I think) The Ghost of Tom Joad.

Thanks for listening.


Hi Eddie,
Wonderful performance…I enjoyed it and am happy with this evening closing for me… :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:

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Thanks Rogier! I am glad you enjoyed it and I am glad I could brighten up your evening! Hartelijk Bedankt!! :sunglasses:

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Enjoyed this. Well played and sung!

Keep it up and all the best!

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Lovely performance Eddie, terrific playing and vocals, really enjoyed that!

This is what I love about this place, I hear so many songs I’m not familiar with, only problem is my Spotify searching is getting more and more out of control :joy:


That was a really good performance, well played and sung. Not familiar with this song from the boss. Only know a few of his songs. This was a really good listen.

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Hi Eddie,

I really love this song and I loved your rendition. For those not familiar with the song, it’s mid-90’s Bruce, when he was recording without the E Street Band.

Tom Joad is a character in the John Steinbeck novel “The Grapes of Wrath”. The last verse (“whenever there’s a cop beatin’ a guy”) comes straight from the novel in a speech that Tom Joad makes to his mother before leaving this family to go off and fight injustice in world. Heady stuff!

Woodie Guthrie had a song called “Tom Joad”, so Springsteen’s can be seen as a tribute to Woodie Guthrie’s tribute to The Grapes of Wrath.

Anyway, excellent song choice and performance.


Bravo, Eddie, that was a fabulous rendition. I especially liked the way you strummed the song, the way you targeted strings sounded great. And as before, the way you sing carries of his songs ever so well.

@jjw thanks for the extra background, John.

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Hey Eddie, that was great :smiley:
From a performance point of view, that stood out as the best you have shared to date.
I have a bit of a marmite attitude to the Boss, but this is one of his tasty ones :smiley:
Take a bow.

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What a great performance Eddie. Excellent playing and vocals. You look so comfortable playing and singing.

It’s a song I’ve not heard before but I really liked it.

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I didn’t know this song either, but you made it sound good - your voice has a Gordon Lightfoot feel about it. Nice one!

…so if you ever feel like doing requests - try “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” !!

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Never heard this song but you did awesome on it i thought! Nice!

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Thanks LB . Am glad you enjoyed it and thanks for taking the time to listen :headphones:!

Thanks Mark. Glad you enjoyed it. I also love that I get to hear songs and artists I have never heard of before. I think it has broadened my musical interests and has made me want to learn songs and explore styles I never really listened to before. Cheers again!

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Thanks James and thanks for taking the time to listen :headphones: ,especially as it was a new song to you. :+1:

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Love that expression “marmite attitude ” :joy:. I have never heard it before but am going to log that for future use when the situation arises.
That’s great that you noted it as my best share. I guess it’s a combination of practice paying off and perhaps getting more comfortable performing.
Thanks again Brian :+1:

Thanks John. I had looked into the meaning of the song but you have filled in some missing bits for me.
I appreciate you taking the time to listen :headphones: and to comment, and I am glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks so much David. I am always appreciative of your feedback and support. Thanks again for listening and taking the time to comment! :sunglasses:

Thank you Stefan. Am I glad you enjoyed it and appreciate you taking the time to listen and to provide feedback. :sunglasses:

Thank you for the positive feedback Phil. I have to admit my ignorance regarding Gordon Lightfoot :roll_eyes: but you have prompted me to check him out.
Thanks so much for listening and commenting!