Electric City, Firewater (cover)

Just back from 4 days in Berlin, without touching a guitar. I didn’t really miss it when I was there, but couldn’t wait to pick one up when I came back.
I spent the morning looking over old songs I had learnt and messing around, then decided to re-record this one, as I realised I hadn’t tried recording my acoustic since I installed the pickup. I don’t think it’s any better than the last time, but it took me a couple of hours instead of a couple of days this time :smiley:


Hi Brian,
I was just listening to Calexico,So I was curious how big the transition would be from them to you :grimacing:…but that was not that bad, :sweat_smile:,…actually… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :clap: what a happy sounding song, rap and well sung and played in total… …and I like that so much when you haven’t played a song for a long time and in some cases have been plodding on for weeks and then fixed it within a day,
One point of criticism, next time dust your head :thinking:

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That’s grey hair, not dust! :rofl:

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I was so afraid of this exact joke :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:…, you’ve talked about your lack of household qualities before, and now you’re trying to get out of it again… pick up that polishing cloth and spoil your guitar,…Or not :innocent:

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Hi Brian. I’m going to repeat to you what you said to me when I ‘re-released’ KOHD. Well actually I’m not going to repeat it because you know what you said. It applies equally to you. :smiley:

That was terrific. Lots of dynamic in both the guitar play and the vocal. I loved the contrast between the verse and chorus.

Your pickup worked really well and the Trio+ was spot on. Well done.

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Very nice groove here Brian. I don’t recall hearing that in the first iteration. You look and sound more embedded in the performance too.

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Really good Brian. Always enjoy your videos, you’re a great performer.

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Love it Brian, the whole production spot on and your usual flair in the performance.

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Brian, your development as a player is marvelous to behold.
From the early days of single strum A, D and E chords to this dynamic ride through a narrative tale, replete with percussive knocks on the guitar, is testament to your progress.
You need to go away more often!

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the understatement of the year :joy: :rofl: :rofl:

Noooo :smiling_face:


Awww, such nice comments to wake up to this morning :blush:

@sairfingers, can’t quite remember what I said apart from referring to a tipple, but I presume there was back-slapping admiration involved :laughing: Talking of tipple, I indulged in an extremely tasty Weißbier when we had a meal in a brewery in Berlin. Still super-tasty :yum:

@batwoman Cheers, Maggie.
Eaten bread is soon forgotten
Thank you, my forgetful fan :kissing_heart:

@jkahn Cheers, JK, much appreciated :smiley:
@DavidP ditto to you, good Sir ^^ :smiley:

I’ve had some good gurus to hoosh me along :wink:

Let’s not encourage the riff-raff :laughing:

@roger_holland … sigh :roll_eyes:


Well of that’s the result of a trip to Berlin, suggest you set up a shuttle service. Can’t recall your previous cover and didn’t know the song but that mattered not a jot ! Hugely enjoyable little ditty, well played, phrased and sung. As Mr C was intimating you have come far and your performances are always a pleasure, so keep them coming.

I won’t mention the dust, as I had to give my steeds a good seeing to when I picked up last Thursday and saw what a mess they were in !! Call it character Mr Mop.


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That was brilliant Brian. I always enjoy the songs you pick as you are always introducing me to something new. Bravo!

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Hi Brian,
it’s a powerful song with serious lyrics.
And as always, your excellent driving performance.

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@TheMadman_tobyjenner Haha, wouldn’t mind spending a bit more time there- the city suits me :smiley: I shall attempt to please :wink:

@SgtColon Thanks Stefan. I used to see myself as a bit of a ‘musical missionary man’ :laughing: Still some of those traits lingering…

@crocodile1 Cheers, Leo. Generous as always. I really enjoyed your last outing with Mike :smiley:

That was great Brian clearly Berlin served you well by the sound of your upload! Your rhytm is impeccable you really felt the song throughout which made it a solid performance. And considering your pickup DIY project the sound was actually very nice and one wouldn’t be able to tell it was added later on :wink: great work overall!