Essential maintenance tasks one should be able to do

I’ve just found this video and thought it would be useful, especially for beginners who may have second thoughts about changing strings, etc. The explanations are clear and easy to follow.


Thanks for this!

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That was excellent, thanks for sharing!

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My 6 month old Squier Classic Vibe 50’s Telecaster has developed a volume knob which is very crackly with a couple of dead spots.

After checking it would not invalidate the guarantee I whipped off the control plate and used a squirt of contact cleaner then rotated for around 10 to 15 seconds – no better after a couple of goes, so it’s going back to the shop who say they will replace the pot…:neutral_face:. At least I have a backup (1970’s Japanese Les Paul copy ) if it has to stay in…

I’m by no means an expert in electronic matters, but it sounds to me like an issue with the wiring itself, or maybe a soldered contact became loose.

No, it’s the pot. They do this if get dust or something in them, normally takes time to happen.

It crackles as you turn and at certain points in tne range there are dead spots.

Also these dead spots seem to move.

This is 6 months old, will be sorted by the guarantee.

I started in June 2022.

I have done the following: truss rod adjustments, full intonation, obviously several string replacements on a non-FR guitar.

I tried to replace a bridge pickup but my first soldering attempt ended with destroying the tone pot. Who needs a tone pot anyway :grinning:

I may or may not try another replacement :slight_smile: I ordered a Rogue travel guitar and I think I may change its pickup and sole volume pot with a Di Marzio pickup :slight_smile:

I figure, there isn’t as much to screw up on that one!