Europa - Santana by adi_mrok

Hello folks! After very courageous display on my last Live Stream it’s time for a quick summary and a more polished version (although I still consider it as WIP/parked for a while now) of Santana’s hit song called Europa :smiley: I am still not 100% happy about it especially some of the faster bits where I choked, but honestly after countless amount of attempts to record it for last couple of months tonight’s first one and only take was the bomb so I am going to stick with it! Now onto the mystery as to how the hell did he get that sustain? :smiley: On it! For those who are not interested in all my mumbling here is the final video, for those into this kind of nuances please keep reading :slight_smile: I promise it will be long!

So after second-last RHCP album called Unlimited Love I read quite an exciting article where John explained some of his tricks he used while recording this album. This was before song Eddie was even out wide in the open where his gear and experiments with sound were clearly heard. So John mentioned that those last 2 albums were heavily recorded using feedback on his guitar. I have heard of the term before but wasn’t super aware of it and since reading the article and the process + listening to some of songs using feedback I immediately fell in love in the concept and started to read how can I do it myself? As in usual recording techniques in order to get feedback you need your amp to be SUPER LOUD - na-ah not going to happen here…

So I started to think what if there was a digital FX that could help achieve that? A-ha eur…eka (pun intended :slight_smile: ) - I discovered two pedals. One is being Boss FB-2 and other Digitech Freqout. Boss was discontinued for some reason which is a real shame as it is a magnificent pedal in my opinion and… I have been very lucky to find a competitive listing on Ebay, I was able to knock the final price down and get it into my arsenal! That’s how it looks, quite small but don’t be misled - a very powerful gadget as you can see on a quick video below where I recorded my sustain using just FX on compressor side emulated by my Katana 100 vs using the pedal. What a difference eh?!

Why this song? I always wanted to cover a Santana song and this one was on top of my list from all his hits. I am super glad I did it, although not perfect I think I am ready to move on and try something else. After all it were long 4-5 months of drilling it day by day few times in a row!

Few people asked about FX in general - so long sustain notes are now discovered as to how I achieved it. As for the rest I had 3 channels set in total for this song:

Channel 1 - Crunch, Blues drive on 12 o’clock, Compressor on 10 o’clock, pinch of delay and 9 o’clock of reverb room.
Channel 2 - Clean, Blues drive on max, Chorus on 12 o’clock, Compressor and the rest the same setting.
Channel 3 - pretty much same settings as Channel 1 except I activated Wah pedal (Light Wah type) and I have put it on Input position and not post amp. The difference when I did it as post amp was too big and I couldn’t negate the difference therefore wah wasn’t as powerful as I hoped.

Quite a lot of channels switching throughout but so much fun (you can see my dancing feet clearly during the final video! :smiley: ). If anything else guys you are interested in I am more than happy to answer questions, for now I think that’s it and please do enjoy the show! :smiley:

I also have one final though after drafting all of it up - there is a big difference between low budget and even medium budget guitar! Man I was always type of guy thinking that it’s not a guitar, but player making playing sound good. Sure it is, but until I tried out my old Eastcoast on same FX settings as my Epiphone man I was blown away. Sustain on simple FX was like 4x longer on a medium budget, action is way better than the other one. Overall can’t wait for my next guitar (hopefully in next few months) which is definitely going to be a higher end one! TBC with more details soon I hope!


Just had a copyright strike, in case you guys can’t view it let me know and I can always upload it elsewhere.

Hey Adrian, thanks for all the details.

That pedal sure is a monster. Now you are ready for some Gary Moore :rofl:

I tried the embedded video in your post and got a playback error but it did play when I went to YouTube.

Fabulous performance, love that tune.


Simply outstanding, Adrian. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you play the new high end guitar when you get it. Any clues to what your thinking of getting?

Btw the embedded video worked for me.

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Awesome playing Adi, and yes, that sustain is to die for!

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You could make and eat a sandwich waiting for that sustain to end.

Really good playing Adrian, it was impressive in the livestream and is impressive now.

Sounds cool. I think there’s not much point accumulating base level guitars once you have them, go for the higher end!

BTW - no issues viewing the video, played fine.

Adi that was some impressive playing in the live stream, the hours of practice are showing. Love Santana and your playing gets better and better. :star_struck: :star_struck:

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Hi Adrian,
Amazing :sunglasses: :ok_hand: :clap:…and as far as I’m concerned you could have saved yourself this hassle because you could easily have given your live performance a topic here, I actually found that much more impressive because…well it was live :dizzy_face:…but I get it (100%) that you want to post a perfect session here,

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Thanks, Adrien for this insight! Your performance on the live stream and in the video here was breathtaking, brought some little tears (of joy) into my eyes! Your playing is light years away from my current abilities, your tone is just gorgeous, the sustain tremendous. I love those Santana songs and you really do them justice, bravo!!! What model of Epiphone is your guitar? (Not that I would ever be able to play this, just interested :slightly_smiling_face:)

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@adi_mrok I would love to be able to play like you but more than that, I would love to be able to stick to a song for a few months like you. Massive respect. You took it to the next level this time.

Do you mean a copyright/demonetisation, takedown request, or an actual strike where if you 2 more you lose your account?

I would stick by that thought. I’m willing to bet that if we have a proficient luthier set your eastcoast up, swap its pickups with your Epiphone, and give it to Santana for 30 seconds, it would instantly sound like the highest end guitar :slight_smile:

Hello Adi, and WOW, simply WOW :astonished::star_struck:!!
Such impressive playing :astonished::+1::clap:!
The time and effort you’ve put into this song was absolutely worth it :smiley:.

Thank you as well for the background information. It was a very interesting read :smiley:.

I own only one pedal, and using it properly is a challenge of its own. I don’t want to think of even more complicated stuff :sweat_smile:.

I’m really curious about your next guitar :star_struck::guitar:.

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Top top work Adi!!
Pretty much speechless for once :slight_smile:

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I watched your version on the JG live show being a Santana fan and was impressed.

What does this even mean?

What do you mean by channel and how do they work? How do you adjust each pedal while you are playing?

I have one pedal (Boss DS-1) bought on a whim and still don’t really use it, know how to use it or which song to use it with!

Smashing, Ade! :sunglasses:
I missed your intro on the night (struggling with my outfit and nerves :rofl:), but admit to complete ignorance, thinking you were playing Parisian Walkways by Garry Moore/Phil Lynott :roll_eyes: :rofl:
Just went back and had a listen to that as well. Lots of guitar similarities though :wink:
Full of admiration of what you can do with your axe!

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I love Santana and you nailed that one Adi. Terrific stuff! Amazing Santana guitar tone with some unbelievably good sustain. (I’m sorry to say your detailed explanation went over my head :joy:).
What a lot of time and effort you’ve put into this one. Kudos my friend.
Looking forward to finding out what your next guitar will be.

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Adi, this is just awesome!! :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :clap:

Could listen to you playing all night long, what an impressive performance (as well as in the Livestream), just wow! :+1: Thanks for sharing this one again along with a guide to achieve that sustain. Interesting read as well. Once I’m that far in approximately 38.2 years, I will come back here ang get some inspiration! :smiley:

Thanks a lot for sharing this. :slight_smile:

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Super job Adi, reckon you worked hard to pull this one off. Some great tones and epic sustain, though a little muddy in parts. Hats off for learning such a long solo, impressive stuff. I still have shorter stuff to record and then 1:30 to 2:00 pieces to learn, so I know what goes into learning an instrumental like this ! Much kudos my man ! :sunglasses:

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A crunchy peanut butter sandwich on dry bread


Thanks David! Would love to tackle some Gary Moore but definitely not there yet!

Glad you enjoyed it James! I was thinking time for a proper stratocaster as a huge JF fan. I have a few songs I am holding up on due to the reason current strat has some limitations which are not allowing me to play songs better than I should be. As for exact look still toying with the idea!

Love that :laughing: thanks JK!

Thank you Rogier, appreciate you enjoyed a live performance more - they are definitely more challenging hence people find them more fun. And I agree it was fun to play live!

Thank you Andrea, didn’t mean to make you cry :laughing: but I do appreciate the encouragement! As for the guitar it’s LP Standard Slash collection in Anaconda Burst finish.

Thanks Serhat for compliments! As for copyright strike what I meant was that youtube is saying in some countries video won’t be available to view hence I got a bit scared if it’s going to be visible at all. No strikes on my account as of yet :grinning:

True, but money you would spend on adjusting it just to hope it would be as good as a guitar from mid range wouldn’t justify the spend to be honest. I toyed with action on my eastcoast and getting it below 2mm is impossible, I think frets are uneven unfortunately and I don’t have time and patience to redo it all. Hence this probably will go for sale at some point later this year.

Thanks Lisa, haha I am sure with right attitude that coma is in a wrong place :grin:

With jam on top? :smiley: