Excited to upload and share some video to Community Recordings

Ha!! I do move a ton more now. Sort of got more floppy but controlled instead of stiff. I used to watch talented people play and move their mouths and bodies all wierd and wonder what the heck was going on. Now I am one of those guys with my tounge off to one side or “dancing.” (Well, to be fair, I am like one of those guys but without the amazing talent. Just the weird movements.)

I love your version of Ghost. Happy to find a fellow (what do they call us, "Handsome Heads? I like that…) Gold has no cussing at all but all of those songs have some tough topics.

I will try to post a warty video this week. I don’t mind sharing my issues but the F probably needs another week or so.

An R&B band here in Dallas redid “What’s So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding” and it is awesome so I started picking it up. I also am playing “Wildflowers” by Tom Petty. Those are on the list and still somewhat challenging with the quick changeovers in one bar.

Thanks for getting yourselves in trouble by posting way too many videos so that my few entries pale in camparison. :wink:


Absolutely. I understand that some topics or language can be offensive or even hurtful and I am in the business of lifting up, not tearing down. I will make sure to post a warning if anything has language or subject matter which I think might be touchy. Gold is ok but the main character is a robber who got shot and is bleeding out, telling his tale.

I am afraid to admit to you kind folks that I have realized that my favorite songs right now on the acoustic guitar are murder ballads. :laughing:


That’s OK RIchard, bring them on. But maybe if Stagger Lee (the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds version) hold that one back (sorry @brianlarsen).


Au Contraire, mon ami
The Caveman indeed takes centre stage in this troglodyte’s pantheon… However, Murder ballads is one of the albums that did not really float my boat, and in particular, Stagger Lee never appealed to me :frowning_with_open_mouth: Depicting darkness or violence for a purpose is valid and can be very effective, but not for its shock value, which I felt this veered towards. Nick has been in some very dark places, so who knows how he views this.
Your comment does draw attention to the fact that I have never covered any of his songs though. I wonder why :thinking: Perhaps it’s how often they are piano/violin-centered… or it might be Blixa Bargeld’s ‘unique’ guitar style that I find daunting :rofl:

@brianlarsen Fair enough, Brian, but will credit myself with knowing that the Caveman is one of your favourite (perhaps even the favourite) artists. I tried one of his other albums the other day (don’t ask which one) and it was a bit weird, discordant for me. Do like Red Red Hand courtesy of Peaky Blinders.

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