Community Recordings: Rules & Etiquette. Important Notice

What this section is.What this section is not!


What this section is.

Many people, and many in our community members, have improved their guitar skills by making audio-video recordings of their playing. As analytical tools, these can highlight issues and mistakes in technique and can be used as measures of progress over time. They can also give a simple sense of achievement and pleasure at having advanced to the level of being able to perform a favourite riff, a solo, a piece of music or a song, or at playing an improvisation over a backing track.

We are all here to learn to play guitar. To become better in our playing. To have fun.

And we have an amazing community spirit here of ‘paying it forward’. What we learn we pass on to those taking the same footsteps we once took. And this area is designed to welcome and to help everyone who wants to join in with this sharing ethos.

NEW GUIDANCE January 2023

The Community Recordings section has become extremely popular as the Community has grown in its first year since moving from the old forum. In response to the quantity of new topics, we now ask that all members manage their own topics according to this simple guidance.

  • Please limit yourself to only one new topic per calendar month.
  • You may add more than one upload in a single topic - either all in the first post or spread through the topic as it grows with comments and replies from others.
  • You can edit the first post in your topics and paste a self-referencing link to the appropriate post number if a new upload is posted part way down the topic (ask if you unsure how this works).

Moderator Richard_close2u is in the process of doing a little retrospective tidying so if your previous topics are edited then this is the rationale behind it.

Jump aboard and join in. Be positive - about your own progress and positive towards others. Have fun. :slight_smile:

What this section is not!

The Community section is for JustinGuitar students. It is categorically not designed for already accomplished musicians with no prior connection to JustinGuitar, to upload their audio-video recordings and ask people to like, subscribe, rate or share for their own purposes and view count.

Everybody loves to see and hear someone play a juicy guitar part. But there are countless online guitar videos people could spend their time viewing. The community will happily give their time to watching and then writing appreciative comments to any one that joins in the giving pay-it-forward spirit. A colder reception will rightly be offered to people abusing our generosity without giving back.

The moderators reserve the right to take action against any members making no obvious effort to engage in wider community discussions, and whose sole intention seems to be to use the forum as a platform for directing traffic to their channels.


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