Experimenting with my OBS Scene config

@Richard_close2u a somewhat familiar state of play here in Maggie land. At least you can play and know what you’re doing musically. That alone sets me orf :exploding_head:

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@TheMadman_tobyjenner @DavidP very helpful thread chaps. I’ve copied it and printed it out.

What is a Play Acoustic? Can I use this set up with just my AI?

Maggie will send product link later but yes. 2 inputs vox and gtr and 2 outputs, same Outputs into AI, sorted


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@Richard_close2u Thanks Richard. No need to go into head-exploding territory to get a good result streaming video and audio from OBS to Zoom. The rest is all just fun, for those who find such things to be fun.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Biggest issue for me is likely to be our now routine, three times per day, power cuts. If things stay as they are then I’ll be unable to perform.

Yes, I set up to use the distinct outputs and created an ASIO audio input for each. One small thing I picked up was that copy and paste to create the duplicate input for the guitar didn’t work. It created two versions of the same input. So to create the duplicate you must create an entirely new audio input.

I’d have to look at PA for guitar settings. 10-11dB sounds familiar. The other challenge if not using the separate outputs is getting the mic gain right and in balance with the guitar. Also want to make sure there’s no clipping on the PA output.

@adi_mrok Thanks Adrian. I think mine turned out OK last time round. But will check it out to be sure.

@Notter Thanks Mark. We are all lovers of music here, so all opinions on how it sounds are equally valuable. Glad you enjoyed it and found the balance between guitar and vocal good.

@DarrellW Thanks Darrell. Definitely takes some tinkering to get good balance and tone, a natural sounding production. Glad you enjoyed the song. I picked it up from a Justin lesson, a lovely song off After the Goldrush.

@brianlarsen Thanks Brian. I wish I could say I’d purposefully titled the post for the obscene read. I agree with you on the brightness. I need to go back and check the original recording vs the final upload video which was rendered out of Corel Ultimate Studio after trimming and adding the fades. Plus check if there is any difference on the YT stream vs my local copy. The hat … hides some of the concentration brow-furrowing.

@RonG Thanks Ron. OBS is relatively new in the Community but is proving to be a useful tool. You’ll find some posts about it in this sub-category https://community.justinguitar.com/c/community-open-mic-events/tech-talk-audio-video-help-setup-help-for-oms/261and this topic Producing a video with phone cam and an audio interface. If you have questions post them up in #gear-tools-talk:hardware-software-recroding

@batwoman I think you do yourself a mis-service in your reply to Richard … nothing wrong with your playing, singing, and production. We are all learning.

Play Acoustic is my multi-fx pedal that takes guitar and vocal mic as inputs and adds various effects to both.

As Toby said, you can use these features of OBS using just your AI.

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Sadly there is, because my audio quality is intermittent, I can’t seem to get a backing track to play and be heard in sync and I’m going slightly insane with the round and round in circles of it all. For now, I have given up until I have time to really sit with it and I’m snowed under at present.
Enough derailing, back to your topic …


Richard, my comment was referring just to the simple play and sing video recording in OBS or streaming to Zoom. Once you start with backing tracks then you are into the head-exploding territory. I struggled when recording the simple blues solo over first bass and drums, then the lead over my own rhythm guitar.

If you’ve not picked up on this suggestion then when you have time go into the Advanced Audio Properties and fiddle with add some time delays on the different sources to try and get things into sync.

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I sourced a “local” distributor for you to look at but I think there may be some global delivery issues at the moment. Anderton’s in UK saying available in 3 months, Thomann not listing at the moment and this Oz add say None Online or in Shop. But at least you can see what we are prattling on about ! :rofl:


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I was actually running at 10 db on the PA for Guitar but boosted both the AI channel gains to get better levels in OBS and Zoom, measuring the Nerd Stats. Not happy with the guitar FX set up, in respect of BodyRez as not really dabbled too much. Now I have a good starting point (waiting usual pre OM feedback from my daughter!) see what each setting does but to be honest the Flat EQ seemed to work best. Oh and no sync issues in Zoom !! Huzzah !!!

Hope the power stabilizes. Are they scheduled cuts to save power, like in the good old days in blighty early 70s :rofl:

Keep sane.


Sounds like you are progressing well with your setup, Toby. I put an OBS Limiter filter on all the input sources to prevent any possible clipping in the event of an extra loud moment. Using the AI to adjust and balance gain does work though at times, depending on the song, I’ve also had to watch out for clipping there as well. Glad the sync is good.

Yup, that’s exactly it … just 50 years down the line when one would hope the world had become more competent.

See my reply to Darrell about War Pigs lyrics. Nothing ever changes it would seem and we never learn.

I’ll try and emulate your AI/OBS setup post OM, as once the BodyRez is sorted I’ll put it all ice and not touch anything else. I actually drove the AI outputs into Reaper initially to see what was happening on the Loudness Meter for each track. Tweaked the levels to around -12db for vox and -15db gtr, then went direct into OBS with a known position and worked from there.

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@TheMadman_tobyjenner thanks a lot for sourcing this Toby. I’ve bought quite a lot of my gear from Better Music. Not going down that rabbit hole right now. Instead I’ll stick with learning how to use OBS and my AI better.


Sounded good DP! Can’t speak to production and such, but the guitar playing and singing were great. You did old Neil right here. Well done.

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Hi David,
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :bouquet:
Greatly played and sung… enjoyed it very much,…and that for an experiment???..From now on only experimenting please…Bis bis bis …nog een liedje :loudspeaker:
And you got a nice avatar :sunglasses:… that looks good on you a cartoon character :laughing:

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Hi David,
Some of the better sounding OBS experimenting I have heard. It has indeed been “thickened up”. Your vocals seem right in the park and you have progressed there a lot.

All the best to you as you take on each challenge,

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Now that seriously is wishful thinking David!
btw, I like the new avatar. You’ve joined the cartoon club. :smile:

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@CT Thanks Clint. If the sound of playing and singing sounded great then I guess production is OK … if it sounds good it is good.

@roger_holland Thanks Roger. The experiment was the OBS setup, the song one of my favourites from my repertoire (and still messed up a little here and there.

The avatar is a gift from JustinGuitar. I guess I am through ‘probation’ as a Mod and will be added onto the Team page in due course. And there everybody has such a drawing rather than a photograph. So I figured I’d switch my profile pic to use it, get a little more mileage.

@LBro Thanks LBro. Good news that it sounded good to your ears and the aim was achieved. Equally good to hear you hear improvement in the vocals.

@sairfingers Sure is, I can be wishful on occasions, and supremely cynical on others, Gordon. And who was I to decline an invite to join the cartoon club :grin:


I had already made that link, … it looks good on you … I’m just curious whether it is the graphic person of the group who drew it or whether it is now just a computer program … in the first case I say WOW…well done… it’s nice that it’s so similar anyway :sunglasses:

Aha so its an exclusive JGT thing ? Looking cool, cat in the hat :sunglasses:


It’s an artist’s work, Roger.


That’s it Toby, an approach taken for JG website that is pretty cool. A right old privilege to have my mug captured in that way. And when asked, the only specific requirement was to include the hat :grin:

You can grok the rest here The Team | JustinGuitar.com

@larynejg my new avatar is going down well, compliments you can share with the artist

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That was great David. I’m not surprised it copyrighted you on Youtube.

As for the sound, I liked it all and nothing to tinker with, in my opinion.