FAO all members re: uploading & creating topics in the AVOYP section

Hopefully you all know that AVOYP is our shorthand name for ‘audio-video of you playing’. You can find it as (the main) sub-section within this community space: Audio-Video Of You Playing (AVOYP) - JustinGuitar Community
This is the direct link: 📣 Audio-Video of You Playing - JustinGuitar Community

AVOYP can be very busy which is a sign of a healthy and engaged community. We love the fact that so many people are sharing recordings of their guitar progress and more.

You may have already noticed that your posts have recently had tags appended to them. I have spent time this week going way back to the very earliest AVOYP topics and creating tags for each and every member who has created a topic in this section, right up to the most recent. I have not counted but we must be in the several thousand topics by now. Some members have shared just one AVOYP and others have shared many dozens.

What are tags?
They give identity to a topic or set of topics. Which means community members can find their own AVOYP posts all at once, or those of other members.
From the home page, or from the AVOYP sub-category, or from anywhere within the community, you can click on the tag tool and search.

I go to the home page and want to search for AVOYP posts by our wonderful moderator @DavidP


I click on the All Tags action button:


I type in the search bar … DavidP …


I press enter and hey presto … all of DavidP’s AVOYP topics are shown.

In time, we may look to other means of organising AVOYP. In the mean time, please share your feedback and thoughts on this initial step.


  • Tags are by default all lower-case.
  • I have written tags as user names in lower-case as far as possible.
  • Some members have full stops in their usernames and these are not compaticle with tags. So, for instance, John.Smith would read in tags as johnsmith (no capitals and no full stop).
  • Underscores, dashes and hyphens do work.
  • Also, very long user names may need to be truncated. Example My-Name-Is-A-Very-Long-Name-And-I-Like-It-That-Way would become ny-name-is-a-very-lo



Just tried it out - pretty neat, nice how it’s easy to see how many AVOYPs people have done too. @brianlarsen is prolific!

Will the tags be added automatically now or does a mod need to add them to each post?

Thanks for the feedback JK.

Yes he is, but not the most prolific!

Not automatically.
I am hoping the settings allow members to add the tags for themselves so as not to require a mod to do it.
Hopefully that can be confirmed very soon.

Wow busy old year since we crossed the bridge. Nice feature Richard will save me a heck of a lot of leg work updating my catalogue. Could have done with this a few weeks back. :crazy_face:


I just did a bit of research - discourse has an official plug-in called Discourse Automation that could provide the framework to do this automatically Discourse Automation - plugin - Discourse Meta.

It would need a small script to edit posts on creation and add a tag - reasonably straightforward Ruby (I used to be a ruby dev). The trigger exists already.


Wow, that’s a lot of work Richard. I did get two notifications of some of my posts being tagged, and didn’t know what it meant… or that it was done to all of those posts. But a great idea!

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I don’t get an all tags button on my home page.

This seems like an awful lot of work for you Richard just so we can see how many AVoYPs people have posted. Is this a competition? :smile:

@sairfingers click on the hamburger menu beside you avatar there should be tags in the drop down menu. You’ll have to go thought all of them to find anything.
Seems the Forum has the same problem the website has with the Main Menu that still hasn’t been fixed.

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That honour could only go to the fabulous Mr Byron

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@Richard_close2u Richard you are a treasure. Thankyou for all you give. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I saw notification too and figured you are up to some good mister, well done! I can try to remember to put a tag in but I am sure those frequent posters might forget once in a while about it and less frequent almost completely, which would impose some extra leg work for you mods. Therefore suggestion from JK sound awesome although by the looks of it it’s not on top of priority for your devs to make changes to forum’s code.


Thank you Richard for putting this together. It’s a really great feature for the site.

Thanks, Richard, for your effort! You must have spent a lot of time doing this improvement.

Thanks a lot Richard! When I got a couple of notifications with that tag thing I had no idea what it was!

Thank you Richard for updating the tags. I think that the AVOYP section is where the need for being able to look for content in different ways could be more beneficial due to the prolific musical production of the community.

I can be dense at times in my old age and this must be one of them times. Close, you did a great job showing and explaining how to use tags. If you want us/me to add them to our posts. How exactly do we do that? I hunted around and see no way to do it.

Perhaps we could borrow @jkahn skills for a bit and he could create the script needed to automate this one? Possibly @Richard_close2u could then pass it to the dev for installation and testing? At the end of the day, this really should be automated as the Mods have enough to do IMHO.


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I think they are still working on it @LBro maybe a ‘coming soon’ feature.

I hope so @liaty

The tags are also useful in that they show the OP on a phone. That has been an issue since day 1 of the move to Discourse. At present, the last poster is shown on a phone and you have to drill down to see the OP. Very time consuming. Thankfully I speak for others as I am not much of a phone guy and this is not an issue for me.

All the best,

Have no plans to be posting anytime soon and not a lot of inclination to play at the moment. But I can’t figure out how I go about adding a tag to my own post as @adi_mrok touched on and can only see it appearing in the topics header

but if I try to edit that, I do not see a field to add or amend.
Brain like fog at the moment so I must be missing something, so sorry if I’m being dumb.

Currently adding tags will be a mod task. Not too onerous now the entire archive is done. We are having discussions about best use of them and more.