Fay's Learning Log

I began playing music in January or February of 2020 when I was given a Tenor ukulele - lockdown soon followed and work dropped off so there has been plenty of time to play around. I discovered early on that if I play for fun and pretend I’m not learning stuff, playing songs I know and love just for kicks I come on in leaps and bounds. If I get my ‘I’m gonna learn all of the stuff and be a musical genius’ head on, all of the fun goes away and I feel incredibly sad.

This is my Noah Monkeypod Tenor uke, sweet and warm sounding. I love it with clear fluorocarbon strings - it sings!

This year I’ve finally picked up a guitar and started to play it as a guitar should be played (rather than playing the top 4 strings like a baritone ukulele). My Yamaha CSF3M is pictured below - I replaced the strings which were 12s - phosphor bronze I think, because the poor guitar felt so taught it could explode at any moment. I popped silk and steel 11s on and they’re lovely (it’s just a little guitar)

I live in a tiny flat and my partner works from home, so volume can be an issue. I was becoming very frustrated as I just couldn’t play when I had the time and the inclination, so most of what I play is finger picked. To nail strumming, and to generally be able to play whenever I like without disturbing anyone I have a solution (and yes, being a plump middle-aged lady, I do feel a bit silly rocking out on this, I wish I could have had it in my late teens). It’s a telecaster, some weird hybrid thing they did a couple of years ago, with a teeny weeny fender so I can play through headphones. My strumming is still a mushy mess - the rhythm is fine, the result isn’t, but I’ll keep plugging away at it. It’ll come.

ETA. My better half has reminded me that the correct name for my telecaster is a Parallel Universe Elite or a Nashville Telecaster which was only made for 2 months in 2018…
now I’m a bit scared…
I’m clumsy :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

My dad gave me this old music stand and I don’t know what I did without it, it gets carted around from room to room and also serves as a stand for my phone when I get together with my mate Jen for a ukulele facetime jam. Attached to the back is a sort of pez dispenser for plectrums and the wee instruction card for the mini fender amp thing. As soon as a pick is taken out of that dispenser, it disappears into the legendary pick vortex :smile:

I’m slowly and casually working my way through the modules with no other ambition than to enjoy playing at whatever level I’m at right now. Where the fun takes me, I’ll wait and see.

I’ve started a log out of curiosity really, to regularlyish upload videos of tunes I’m enjoying (or not), and to check in every now and again and see what happens.

I’m currently messing with Ripple by the Grateful Dead and Follow the Sun by Xavier Rudd. Both simplified to my very beginner standard.

NB. Any other gear that pops up in my pics isn’t mine, my other half suffers from chronic guitar gear acquisition syndrome.


Great read Fay and a nice collection you have started.

You know GAS is contagious !! :rofl:

Also good that your objective is to have fun while learning. If its not fun why the heck do it ? A frequent cause folk giving up. Looking forward to your fun filled development and some recordings along the way.



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Thank you @TheMadman_tobyjenner. I have to admit to benefiting greatly from His Nibs GAS errors (both of my guitars are those, and my uke was a guilt offering for an acute GAS episode).

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:rofl: those GAS episodes.

Sounds like you have the right approach, Fay. Keep having fun, keep learning, keep making music.

Loved the pictures.

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Thank you @DavidP
And yeah, those GAS episodes - rennies don’t help this kind at all :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Fantastic opening LL entry. Your enthusiasm is contagious, so I hope you’ll continue to share your progress frequently!

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Thank you @Dave911 - I’ve just recorded a warts and all 1st ever recording MP4 and am figuring out how to upload it on this thread right this very minute!

Many bings, bongs and booms. My baseline track. Ripple

My first recording, warts and all - feedback most welcome


You are well on your way, Fay. Sounded good. The finger -picking was steady. Couple of points where you hesitated on the chord change (I think, I’m no expert), just keep working the changes. I’d say not that many bings, bongs, and booms. :grin:

Thank you @DavidP your thoughts are gratefully received. Fingers crossed, next time will be more fluent :blush:

As an aside, I reckon youtube might work better than soundcloud lol

I think so, it is helpful for people to see you playing as well as hearing.

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What a wonderful collection you have Fay. It matches your love of learning and playing. You go girl!

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Thank you @batwoman - I couldnt possibly not learn now could I? I soooooo wish I’d had the confidence and the opportunity just to give it a shot when I was younger - the longing to be playing in a band and touring in a hanky old van was very real.

This community is lovely. The people here are so supportive of each other


Well Fay that was a very pleasing little laid back romp. Yeah maybe the odd Rice Krispies moment here and there but overall it was nicely played. Clean picking and clean changes.
Congrats on your first post, definitely suitable to hang in the AOVYP gallery for sure. :sunglasses:

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Yay thank you @TheMadman_tobyjenner I’ve got a proper rosie glow going on now, I find it quite difficult to assess myself, so this is very helpful. And when I do more, I’ll pop it in the other place (the capital letter area of the community whose name I have instantly forgotten)

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Nice Uke and guitars Fay, I’ve got the Soprano cousin of your Uke, love it!
Your alternate bass picking is quite good and the fingers are doing well, I think that your chord changes are sometimes a bit hesitant but that will come with practice. Don’t rush getting faster, get it right and gradually speed up - if you practice errors they will stick!
Have fun, it’s a great community you’ll get plenty of advice, support and encouragement here!

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Thank you @TheMadman_tobyjenner

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Thank you for your advice @DarrellW I’ll bear it in mind. I’m finding with chord changes, I’m automatically going for ukulele chord shapes and catching myself just before my fingers go down which is a bit of a problem right now (and when I first pick up my uke I tend to have a few minutes of trying to play guitar chords).

It’s nice to come across another Noah person :blush:


Congratulations Fay on your first recording. You’re sounding good and off to a flying start. :clap:

I know you’re in a rush to get on the road in your hanky old van, but I reckon it would help to slow your tempo till you feel confident with your fingering.

Oooh yes I can see you touring. Feed the flame Fay :fire: :fire_engine:

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