First Cover AVOYP, Bob Marley-Stir it up

Slapped the video on and was happy enough to post.

Well there are a few parts in this that i did mess up on. But for a one take recording, i’m fairly happy. Mind the vocals, i try. Not terrible…leave er at that. Really wish a had a backing track to play with, but it’s either backing and no video or no backing and video a.t.m…pretty sure my strumming may have been a lil fast. Also left out a the instrumental part.

Hope you enjoy as much as i like playing er!


Hello Darren, thanks for sharing your AVOYP :hugs:. I think there was some really good stuff in it - particularly for a one take recording (something I‘m unable to do :flushed:). Playing, singing, and a steady foot tapping at the same time is definitely not easy, but you did it :+1::clap:. Yes, you played a bit fast, but that didn‘t bother me - it‘s a cover version - so, you made it ‚yours‘ :slightly_smiling_face:. And I could see and feel how much you enjoyed it :smiley:.
Singing is also a big challenge for me. Staying in tune and singing with the correct rhythm is no easy stuff and requires a lot of practice. But finally we will get there :blush:.
Keep on rockin‘ :smiley:.

Hi Darren
Concrets on your first video :partying_face: :sunglasses: :clap: ,
There was a lot to like,…keep up the good work :sunglasses:

Thank ypu Nicole. Yes that’s what i should have put in the title…“cover”. If i can edit that i will. Singing is not my strong suit…but it has improved since working on my ear and voice training. That is a big challenge!!!

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Thank you Rodger. I really love that song. Maybe my next one i’ll be set up for a backing track. Cheers!!

Hi Darren,
The ‘Bob Marly’ in the title gives it away for me :joy: ( even with the missing E (I didn’t even see that the first time :smile:) ), … I can hope that no one here expects Bob Marley to do a new song himself :wink:

Yes, yes…lol…i may have spelled that wrong. Now edited! Thank you for pointing that out. :slight_smile: . If Bob was around(rest his soul) I certainly would love to here it! :heart_eyes:

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Well done Darren on your first post! You are off to a good start with that one. It’s scary putting yourself out there for the first time but you are over that hurdle.
Welcome to the forum and keep up the good work!

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Congratulations on your first AVOYP recording! I love the infectious enthusiasm in your performance; I’m sure Bob Marley would be smiling in approval. Keep it up!

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Thank you Edie. Keep doing your thang, your doing er well from the songs i have listened of you. :slight_smile: Scary it is. Never put one out like this. Have played for others though, Peace out!!

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Thank you Jason. That’s mostly what i am looking at, enthusiasm, rhythm, proper chord ring…singing is fun. :crazy_face:

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And that’s what its all about. Stepping up to the plate and stirring it up.

Not perfect but solid playing and you are having an absolute ball and that is all that matters. Nothing better than that and you made it your own. That first recording is always and biggy and you did really well doing it in one take. So huge congrats !


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Thank you Toby!

I am aware there were a few flaws. I was striving at get through er no matter what…i think i recovered fairly well and hid a couple messed up early chord changes…just tried to get back on path! The one take i was surprised on, but on the spot when i played for others you uist gotta keep playing. :wink: . Even the pro’s mess up from time to time but hide it extremely well…keep that in mind as well. I believe i remember Justin pointing that out a few times. Cheers! Rock on! And i believe see you the 10th of Dec. :v:

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Hi Darren,
Way to go. You got some solid rhythm playing.
Love to hear more from you.

:clap: :clap: :clap:
Congrats on sharing a first recording, Darren. The first is always the hardest but it is invaluable to receive feedback and encouragement.

It has really all been said already. All I can add is that you made a comment about picking something simple and as far as I am concerned these Bob Marley songs are far from simple to play and sing. So well done on being able to play and sing through that as your first recording.

Look forward to more as you progress.

Thank you David!

I guess now that you mention it, it is a lil tricky. Never thought of it that way. But all here have certainly boosted the confidence a bit! :wink: lol. Although i added some extra strumming in spots because i thought it sounded good. The chord progression and the way i learned over the yaers, i felt that it was easier for me.


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Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Darren. That was very good, you had all the right things going on with the playing and singing as well, nicely done.

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Thak you Stefan! Much appreciated. Main focus is Enthusism, Clear chord rings, rhythm and proper Down beats.

Cheers! :v: :clinking_glasses: