First video - Jolene (Dolly Parton)

I had not planned to record and upload this, but I played around with video recording on my phone and ended up with this. It’s very unrehearsed, but I guess it’s a good example of my playing level when I just quickly play a song through a few times. So I decided to make it my debut here. I guess it also feels like less pressure when it’s a song I have not practised and put a lot of effort into.

Self-critique: the strumming is a bit irregular at times, but I am actually pleasantly surprised by how well I’m keeping time. This is something I usually struggle with a lot.
It’s a very basic version - I would love to develop it and eventually play an awesome finger style arrangement. But there’s a lot of learning and practicing before that happens.

Hope you enjoy


Hello Jacob, congratulations on your first recording :partying_face::clap::champagne:! Wow, what an enjoyable debut :smiley:. Great rhythm and fantastic vox :clap::clap::clap:. Lots to like :+1:.
Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.



Your performance is very good. Terrific, consistent rhythm and vocals delivered sincerely, Although your version is very different form theirs, your voice has similarities - its tone and register - to Jack White (of the White Stripes) and his version of Jolene.



Very enjoyable Jacob. Firstly, great voice man.
Solid guitar playing too. Groove and rhythm are everything, and you’ve got plenty of that going on with this tune.
Looking forward to your next one.

Cheers, Shane.


What an excellent AVOYP!!! Very solid performance of a Classic!!! Nothing to criticize here… thanks for sharing!



Congrats on your first recording Jacob. Nothing to criticise there. Timing was good, you’ve got a great voice, and I loved the sound of your classical guitar :clap: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Super debut AVoP Jacob. Great dynamic in your strumming pattern and a terrific vocal. Well done.


Congratulations Jacob - super performance, and you’ve got a great vocal range!

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Hi Jacob, congratulations on your first video upload.

I thought it was excellent, you have a great voice and your strumming was in time and consistent throughout. It might be my perception only, but I thought your tempo was slower than the original? That finger picking pattern is beautiful in this song, I am looking forward to hearing that part once you are there. :slight_smile:

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Congrats, Jacob, fabulous recording, playing and singing both great.

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Hi Jacob,
Top work , wouldn’t have guessed it was a debut.
Really solid time keeping, nice tempo for the song, great vocal too.
I reckon you would also enjoy adding the distinctive riff to this song which would take it to the next level, especially as you are not using a plectrum, and you could swap for strumming to picking as you like.
You can check it out on Justin’s Jolene lesson over on the main site.
Well done all round,

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Jacob really nice job on this song and what a good voice .

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Looks like you’ve got a Justin Guitar forum hit Jacob! Great work.

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Hello Jacob :wave:
This is very enjoyable to listen to. You surely put a lot of work in learning to play in time because your Rhythm here was really steady! I used to struggle a lot with time too and your surprise is a feeling I can relate to, because this happened to me as well.

Now (after getting used and enjoy my metronome practice) I’m happy with my timing, but I find it’s something one has to work on constantly.

Congratulations on your first AVOYP entry, it does sound great!

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Wow. I’m overwhelmed by all your replies - thank you, everyone.

@Boris1565 I think you are right about the tempo being slower than the original. I didn’t try to match it, just played what I felt like in the moment. And I agree the fingerpicking is beautiful and it’s definitely next level (or even next-next) for me at the moment.

@Eccleshall It was watching Justin’s video on it that inspired me to play it. A goal is to be able to play it like Justin does, with riff and fingerpicking and all. It’ll be a big challenge, for sure.

@SILVIA The first time I practiced with the metronome (which is not that long ago), I was horrified at how bad I was at it. So yeah, I’ve put in some work to improve it, and I suspect you are right that it’s something to keep working on continuously.

To the rest of you - thanks again for the lovely comments. I really appreciate it. :green_heart:

You say this is the first recording… Can’t wait for the second one ! Man, you’re a natural. Good rythm. Good strumming. Good voice (in tune). Swinging. You make music out of all this. Man, I’m a fan. Thanks for sharing :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

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Great debut Jacob.

This is a song that normally has me running for the hills, well anywhere to be honest !
Never been into Dolly but thought you owned this, despite your self critique. Vocal were superb and you created a nice vibe with the rhythm, so was well worth a listen.


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Hi Jacob,
With a First video I usually don’t expect such quality (although more and more better players have emerged lately)… it’s clear to hear that you’re not just getting started :sunglasses:… you can make the roof go down at many party`s with this performance and voice :clap: :sunglasses: :clap:

The song normally has a riff (which I don’t miss at all in your version) that I really enjoy playing … but will never play that and singing I think , a nice goal for you in the future?

PS: there is an amazing version of Digger and Katja floating around here in the AVOYP section that you might also like…also a very different than the Dolly one …



For helvede! det er fantastisk! Fedt lyd :sunglasses:
Big splash arrival.
Look forward to following your progress :smiley:

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