GAS aftershock

I suffered a minor further GAS attack after my NGD, like an earthquake’s aftershock.

This arrived today …

I think the size of the box plus the sub-category kind of gives the game away. Not that I can offer more than a :star: for a correct guess as to what is in the box.

Now I was tempted to do what @TheMadman_tobyjenner did some time back (if I recall correctly) leaving us to speculate and wonder about what new guitar had arrived for days and days

But I shan’t.

But maybe in the spirit of fun, have a guess and share should you want to reply. I shall trust all to be honest.

So what do you think is in the box?


Caline is a Chinese pedal manufacturer, much like Tone City that produces budget pedals that The Captain and Danish Pete regard highly, typically clones.

And here’s my new pedal, hooked up to my looper

The Pure Sky is supposedly a clone of the Paul Cochrane Timmy. I don’t know much about that. All I can say is that multiple YTers reviewed it and were impressed with it. So as @CT might say, I think it is high value, being significantly cheaper than one of the TC Electronics options and even more so than one from Boss.

As those of you who follow my activities will know, I enjoy a loodle ie laying down some backing in the looper to noodle over. To manage the rhythm and lead tone, I’d set the amp up for the lead tone and then change pickup and reduce guitar volume to clean up the sound for the rhythm.

I am now looking forward to being able to engage the overdrive for the lead tone with more flexibility to shape the rhythm tone on the amp. I can add some reverb and delay on the amp, so am set for lots more fun loodling. Currently in practice mode, so you shall have to be patient to hear the pedal in action


Living the life bro :smiley:
Happy NPD!

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Was no good I had to peek !! Enjoy the new toys David !

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GAS, the gift that keeps on giving.


I’m watching all this with interest David. I feel like such a caveman with this stuff!
What’s next…. a pedalboard?


Happy NPD…

I was thinking it’s a trick question and the box was empty as the item on the chair looked about the right fit for the box.

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I peeked as well! Good old GAS, always reliable, always there :wink:
Enjoy the extra tones you’ve now got available!!

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Some kind of pedal …
Blues overdrive?

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Well let’s hope to hear some loodle soon with your new pedal, happy NPD!

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Oooh that looks pretty! Can’t wait to hear how it sounds. Happy NPD @DavidP !! :star_struck:

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Definitely need a pedalboard now! Looking forward to some sweet sweet @DavidP lead tones.

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Thanks all for taking time to read and reply, I always appreciate it. It makes things all the more enjoyable to share the moment with my friends.

I did get the chance to plug in and play around. So far so good, so much more effective to work on lead tone via the pedal, than trying to clean up the amps lead tones with guitar controls. Though have to say one must not forget about making using of your guitar controls and just default to turn volume and tone to 10 and stick there.

@LievenDV for sure, this is just pure unadulterated fun fun fun

@TheMadman_tobyjenner I am, Toby, adding the overdrive in front of the looper is wicked

@Jamolay :joy: I am not overly prone to GAS attacks, maybe if I were in North America or Europe where the second hand market is more vibrant I might be more susceptible to GAS, to buy and sell when the urge to explore is strong. But for me it is more occasional, when my learning and playing focus presents a reasonable (in my own mind) use case. So shall be GAS free for a while, while it’s a gas gas gas making use of this new pedal.

@sairfingers and this from the man with a Trio, Gordon :grin:. This is conceptually no different, just a thing to plug your guitar into and turn on and off to change the tone going into your amp. I don’t know how you work your magic with backing tracks to play over using your Trio, but I imagine use of this pedal may be less complicated.

As for a pedalboard…well one of my rules is ‘never say never’, but for now I don’t see a need for a pedalboard. The two pedals are fine just sitting on the floor, being powered by 9V adapters or in this case a 9V battery. Now if I were playing electric rhythm and lead in a band, even a non-gigging band and wanting to add more pedals, like a tuner and EQ, and perhaps things like reverb and delay in front of amplification, then bring on the pedalboard and power supply. But for loodling, I don’t anticipate needing more pedals any time soon.

@Socio you know me well, James, the trick question answer is plausible, but not this time :laughing: The item on the chair is the tablet that I won for naming a strategic transformation programme at work. It sits there because I have a pitch monitor app on it that I use to monitor the accuracy (inaccuracy) of my bending.

@Notter :laughing: fair enough Mark. And I am already loving the tonal possibilities for jamming over the clean amp tones and looper playback.

@Mari63 :star: :star: that’s two out of three gold stars for you Mari. A Blues Overdrive would be a good choice but the cost of such a pedal vs this Chinese-made clone, my particular need, and play-grade would make the outlay for a Boss pedal overly extravagant.

@adi_mrok I’m working on an exercise at the moment and a long as nothing unforeseen intervenes, then I expect I’ll share something over this weekend, Adrian.

@nzmetal well not going to be anything close to the metal rocking out you’ve recently shared, Jeff, but so far I think the the tones are matching the looks. I confess I was drawn to both the look and the name, even though neither makes any functional difference :grin:


About time you got down and dirty ! :rofl:

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The Timmy Overdrive on my POD GO is probably one of my favourite OD pedals. You should really enjoy it! Have fun David.


Is that the Teemah Jason ? If so I do like that one as well :smile:

@TheMadman_tobyjenner indeed, Toby. You know what I am working on and having great fun with it.

@Rossco01 I am already loving it, Jason. Who knew that overdrive is certainly not just overdrive, that there are so many different flavours. I like the notion that this overdrive is transparent but does also have the two EQ knobs in addition to the gain and volume.

Yes the Teemah on the PodGo is the clone of the Timmy. Heir Apparent (Prince of Tone clone) is probably my other.


Oh yes so many different versions of pedals all slightly unique in some way.

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Hi David. If I remember correctly, your amp doesn’t have an FX loop. What is your wiring set up for your looper and new Pure Sky pedal?

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@sairfingers A good memory you have, Gordon.

The chain is: guitar → overdrive pedal → looper pedal-> amp.

For a first try I selected a preset on the amp called Classic British Clean and played with the amp’s EQ, reverb and delay as I went along. The rhythm provided by the looper and the lead are shaped by the amp settings.

Then one can play with the 4 controls on the Pure Sky plus guitar pickups, volume, and tone controls to explore lead tones.

Meets my current needs as I hoped and expected.

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