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Hi, I’m really interested in pick and strum at the same time but I’m kind of a beginner and that is really difficult for me, so I would like if you gave me some advice on that, thank you so much

Hello @valeherr_10 welcome to the Community.
When you say ‘kind of a beginner’ can you let us know what grade / module etc, you are working at and what consolidation you have done?
It may be we could offer help and guidance and direct you to lessons relevant to your question but it be too far down the line from your current level.

Hope that helps.
Cheers :smiley:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide

Waiting for the question @Richard_close2u asked, but for now the biggest advice I’d give is: go as slow as you need to to make it sound good and get the vibe of the pick and strum, and then think about speeding it up.

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Before I found this lesson I spent hours trying to get this intro right. After five minutes of watching this and I made tremendous improvement. But I am having trouble with the pinky muting of the high E string. I couldn’t find any lessons With that pinky muting technique only what is quickly mentioned in this lesson. Any tips or advice that will help me to get this correct

Hi Jason, I learnt from Justin this song and it’s a great one and not so straight forward, especially the picking bit at the start. So how I handle muting high E string while playing Em, D, Cadd9 and G is I just don’t push the string strong enough to let it ring out. It’s like you learn your chords for the first time and strings sometimes don’t ring out that is what I do, just gently resting my fretting pinky on e string. Hope this makes sense but you can have a look at my own cover if you want:


Thanks that worked better don’t know why didn’t think of using the pinky on my fretting hand. Then I tried muting with my index finger from the B string. That worked out even better if Anybody else ever has this problem. thanks for helping getting my brain thinking, very helpful.

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Great video as always.

My question is about the timing in the play along app….what strum pattern do people use? The app bpm seems about half of that on the tab, and chord changes come halfway through the bar.

Also the c chord is different in the app…is it on purpose, and if so is there likely to be a good reason (e.g. ease) or perhaps just a mistake?