Greetings from Steve in Oz

Hi guys, beginner Steve here.
I’ve always wanted to learn guitar, but a lack of musical DNA and a busy life has always put this desire into the background.
Well, luckily for me, I voiced my desire to my wife and a few months later she gifted me a guitar for Christmas (well, she said I could go and choose one when we got back home), so after looking around for a while, and being a big fan of Australian timber, I chose a nice Australian made acoustic guitar. I figured, a bit like my surfboards, that even if I can’t use something to its full potential, buying something that I love the look and feel of helps with my enthusiasm and want to practice in the hope of one day doing it justice (this has yet to be achieved with any of my surfboards!)
Anyhow, I’m a father of two young boys, have a very supporting wife and run an engineering company, so spare time is always a challenge but after finding Justin Guitar I’m trying to dedicate a good hour or two most days of the week once the boys are in bed to practice (while the missus is trying to watch her show with the subtitles on).
I enjoy music from a variety of genres. Powder finger, Greenday and ACDC through to Tracey Chapman, Ed Sheeran, Hunters & Collectors, John Denver, the stones and Neil Young to name a small collection.
SO, from never picking up an instrument in my life to owning a nice one, I figured I better start learning. I found Justin Guitar mid-February did a bit of research and signed up a week or so later.
I’m about to upload my first few grade 1 consolidation songs to the AVOYP so check them out and give me your constructive criticism.


Welcome Steve! :wave: (from a cousin across the ditch in NZ :wink:)

Great idea, I’ve adopted the same approach with both my guitars and surfboards too :sunglasses: I really think it helps to generate motivation. So far I still have more surfboards than guitars… but only just! :joy:

Looking forward to seeing your Grade 1 consolidation soon :slight_smile: :+1:

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Thanks Cuz :rofl:
I’ve nervously hit the post button for my first uploads :grimacing:
Looking forward to the journey.

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Hey Steve, loads of us Aussies around here (a couple of kiwis too :rofl:).

Where in Australia are you?

Hi Steve. Welcome to the community. I’ve just looked at your first AVOYP. Very well done!

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Hi Mate,
Yes, so it seems!
I’m in the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney. What about you?

I’m in Brisbane. Much warmer but also further from any surf beaches!

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Thanks Peter, Im looking forward to learning

Hey bloke - welcome to the community. Cheers.

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I’m an avid AFL watcher. Does that count? :grin:

HA! Yes it counts, I just hope you don’t follow the Swans like we do :cry:

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Since I only get one or two games a weekend I haven’t been able to get to know any one team well enough to form any allegiances. I just enjoy the heck out of the game.

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I’d be interested to know what you settled on. I knew Jack Spira years ago (he lived nearby) and would have loved to get one of his instruments but they are a bit out of my price range now.

Hi Alan,
I went with a Cole Clark Angle 2. Bunya top and Tasmanian Blackwood back and sides.
You can see it here (not being played to its potential :rofl: )
Those Jack Spira guitars look nice too!

Welcome Steve, the lack of musical DNA made me smile, quite the same over here, but that won’t prevent us from learning and enjoying and being able to make some music :blush:

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Ah… nice (both guitar and your progress!).

I had heard of Cole Clark but hadn’t looked at their instruments - they are a very successful company by the look of their range and overseas outlets. Great for Aust makers to be doing so well… and great for you to buy Australian!


Hi Steven,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

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Hi Steve, great to have you in the Community and kudos for jumping into AVOYP quickly too. I’m sure you have already found the community welcome to be warm and hearty. :slight_smile:
I notice you name check Powderfinger. I’m a big, big fan of The Church who have had Ian Haug as guitarist for the last ten years or so.

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Welcome Steve, from another Aussie.
You’re in the right place here mate. Great tuition and a great community.

Stick close to Justins lessons, and reach out here anytime, for help, or just a chat.

Look forward to your progress.
All the best.

Cheers Shane

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Oh the church are fantastic! I think Ian was pretty chuffed to be able to go from one great band to another Aussie icon.

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