Guitar Challenge (Lead Guitar) - Need Your Love So Bad

Nice touch, Shane. It all sounded good to by ears.

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Not a bad start at all Shane, the only real thing I heard was be careful when you do a bend don’t allow it to drop unless it’s required, you should cut them off before that happens. Apart from that it’s nothing but practice to get from not bad to excellent - but remember that practice makes perfect right or wrong, look at individual phrases in detail and make sure all are correct one at a time.

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Thanks Darrell. Really appreciate the listen mate, and the helpful feedback re the bends. Will certainly take onboard moving forward.

Cheers, Shane

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Hi Shane,

Great job. Super clean. Fit well with the backing track.


Hi Darrell,

Lovely job.
Nice work on the tone - got the balance of clean with that thick/slightly wet sound.


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Well done Shane, that was really great. You’re right on track to perfecting this classic solo.


Had another listen, Darrell. Fabulous recording, the solos and the arpeggiated rhythm and gorgeous tone on both.

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I think this is an older post Darrell and I might have replied to it before but that was terrific. You got the tone spot on too. Well done.

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OK had enough of the finger picking so had a go and trashed my e string but here’s what I got so far…


Out walking the dog Rob so I’ll take a listen later great that you’re having a go as well.:sunglasses:

Sounding good Rob somehow wasn’t expecting acoustic. Look forward to hearing the rest of it when you get there. I’ll be keeping mine in my learning log for now rather than move it over.

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I should probably shift it over to my learning log for now too, it’s not exactly finished…

Yeah but that’s where things get buried. Maybe a mod’s view required on this one, as it is the lesson thread. Not bothered either way.

Making good progress, Rob. Brave to be doing all the bends on an acoustic … I struggle with the 9s on my LP.

Great start, Rob, sounds sweet on an acoustic!

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Keep going with that Rob, it’s coming along nicely. I would suggest playing along with a backing track to get the timing spot on. It’s extremely difficult to make it work on acoustic, the sustain volume makes it very difficult if not impossible.
The only thing that I’ve tried which sort of works is playing it faster than the original, but it looses some of the feel by doing that.

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The day 1 first attempt:

OK so why we talk about where to put things, I’ll drop this here and quickly run away. :rofl:

Day 2: Today’s quick efforts in between other bits and pieces. Already had a Pete Green Black Magic Woman FX/Pre-set on the Mustang, so used that and the neck pup, with the tone rolled off.
WIP as timing still questionable. :thinking:

Will add to the LL as rolling progress as well.

Peter’s pool is Green n cool. Come on in folks take a dip !



Sounds quite good already. First bend + vibrato is totally on point (actually great vibrato!) - the 1.5 tone bend is a little flat :slight_smile: My comments on muting from the Sultans of Swing discussion also applies a little bit here, although the unwanted string noise is not that loud… would perhaps not even be hear if you played over the BT. Awesome!

Thanks Kasper.

First version in my Learning Log was on the Gretsch and there was less unwanted string noise and maybe a better 1.5 bend. Different amp model as well today (Gain is set to 9) but muting is still an area I struggle with. Today was more about slightly better timing, as it was quite slow at the first attempt. All the same more to come but thanks for the feedback.

Yes for sure. Just replayed the vid and that is sour :sob: