Guitar Challenge - Play your favorite short lick or riff here!

Ah, makes sense and restores my faith in occasionally stumbling on the right path :person_with_white_cane: :sunglasses:
Nice job and I look forward to when your dreams become reality :grinning:


Some lush licks going on in here.

Great idea Rogier and when I find something lickable I’ll post it right on in here.

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Every time I say ‘B’ I mean ‘Bb’ :slight_smile:


@Siff @liaty @jkahn @mathsjunky some nice contributions guys and even a “tut” from Paul !!
Will have to dust something down and bring it to the table, if I can tear myself away from the fingerstyle work. :sunglasses:


Reminds me of that great bluesman B Flat King!


Thanks Eddie! And for the RWC final! :smiley: Yeah, it was an incredible game against your team, best of the competition imo, such a shame it wasn’t in the final, should’ve been really! So close!
:crossed_fingers::grimacing: :cold_sweat: :joy:

That’s so cool! Great to have him on our side! We’ll take all the support we can get, I think we might need it! :rugby_football: :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile:

Thanks Toby! :sunglasses: :+1:

Oh no! That’s no good :cry: …although… NPCD coming up??? :smirk: :joy:

Yeah, totally! I hadn’t considered that but hear it now. So interesting how the same threads flow through the generations of guitarists, really like that aspect :slightly_smiling_face:


What a great idea, Rogier! Thanks for this little challenge. :smiley:

There are some very cool licks around here, thanks to all so far! Very inspiring.

No yet to deep in the lead or improv things, but while noodling I “found” a sweet little end lick for C major in open position. Probably I stole/adapted it from the one and only Tommy Emmanuel who stole it from the one and only Chet Atkins. Here it goes in two slightly different rhythmic feels:

Cheers - Lisa


Licks, riffs…its all semantics… :grinning:

Anyway here’s a couple of blues ‘lines’. One ‘vanilla’ one, and one ‘funky’ one.
The ‘vanilla’ one is 100% stolen, unashamedly.
The ‘funky’ one I’m claiming as mine, but very likely copied/modified from somewhere else.

The thing I like about these licks is they can be easily modified in dozens of ways to create more licks, either by playing around with the intervals/ and or the phrasing. Or extend them to create lines into the next chord etc.

Cheers, Shane

Vanilla Blues Lick 1 - E Shape in A

Funky Blues Lick 2 - A Shape in E


Thought twice about posting a favourite as I have quite a few go to phrases. However this one, which forms part of one of the Blues Rock Solos I have been learning this year, is fun to play when you get the bends right. :scream: Recently I have been dropping it into impros on the odd occasion I’ve had a few noodles and experimented with other keys and trying to find octave examples elsewhere on the neck.


Played first in context, which is the second half of the solo, then a couple of slow demo examples.

Oh yeah as someone tagged me regards pups and switches, I dusted down the growly Pimp Strat. Hammer Head HBs on bridge pup. :sunglasses:


@Lisa_S you are stealing from great master and no doubt they were robbing someone esle back in the day. Both looks sounded clean and interesting and definitely cool. So glad you dipped your toe in the water. :sunglasses:

@sclay Well that was a tasty couple of licks for sure. Who doesn’t like vanilla but there’s some classic chocolate sauce on tine added on the QT there my friend. FBL2 took me back to the 70s and tank tops, super sexy funk sir. :sunglasses:


A person once tried to teach me the intro to the Beatles “Octopus’s Garden”. Well, on the record George just blazes through it. Totally out of reach for this old guy. Anyway I learned the notes and play it at my speed :wink:


Well here it is, as encouraged by some prominent members of the community my contribution.

If I am honest I don’t think it is a lick really an instrumental or riff and is still WIP but getting there.

If you are wondering where it comes from, it is from Johnny Cash’s Tennessee Flat Top Box and is played between verses by Jim Soldi on the version I looked at rather than Luther Perkins. Lots of different version of song with capo on different frets and keys when performed by JC and also recorded by his daughter Rossanne Cash.



Ok in an effort to turn the tanker around before anymore pirates come out of the woodwork.

@barker7 @MAT1953

Thanks for having a go guys, enjoyed both of your contributions. Whether they are riff, licks is unimportant, fact is you had a go and both were pleasant to my ears. From and advice perspective Mitch, I would say nothing wrong with playing things slowly, its the best way to learn. Get the phrases under your fingers and then work on bring the pace up, The semi-solo I played before the solo demos, was about 75% of the target tempo and its the section before that which trips me up. Just keep working at it and you will get there. :+1:


I’ve been playing this for a couple of years, so it’s well under my fingers. In fact, I’ve become used to the current speed and the lick has become its own thing. A new thing actually, that’s a little more jazzy sounding.

I sort of forgot about the lick’s high speed origins until I added the explanation to my video!.

You advice is correct though. I’ve been trying to learn the intro to Hot Rod Lincoln using the speed-up approach. I even thought about posting that lick instead.

One thing I have noticed is that after a certain speed the picking hand becomes the limiting factor, and it must go through a transition where it becomes “un-linked” from the fretting hand. i.e The picking hand just worries about moving up and down at a fast but controlled speed (using a metronome), while the fretting hand is somehow :wink: doing the right thing.

I guess that’s why you need to get the movements under your fingers.


Hey @roger_holland great idea, I’ve enjoyed following through this thread to see everyone’s contributions, interesting side roads and all :wink: :sweat_smile:
I wasn’t sure if the lick had to be an original of your own creation or not? :thinking: But I see others have (or at least I think they have) posted one’s which they’re learning or have learnt from songs they’re working on, so I’m going to roll with that as I don’t really have any original licks worth sharing yet as I’m just starting down that path.
Anyways, here’s a Billy Corgan one from a song I shared here a while back and this is fairly indicative of the stage I’m at so felt it was a good representation.


Keep on posting those sweet licks here; I LOVE IT.

I’m going to share something as well this weekend. As usual, trying to record it will be at least as hard as trying to play it :smiley:


Nice work Jeff and thanks for getting this thread back on track. Best of luck to you guys in the :rugby_football: WC final tomorrow. My 9 year old son has become an All Blacks fan since we :ireland: got knocked out.

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Sounding good Jeff albeit via my phone. Pc just died a few hours ago. There’s a bit of Clapton going on there to my ears. Funny how inheritance and lineage works in this guitar world.

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Hi Rogier, great challenge :smiley::+1:.
Here is my little contribution. Similar to some others here, I’m totally uncertain about the difference between a riff and a lick. But I don’t care any further :innocent:. This one is stolen from Uncle Cracker’s song Follow Me :grin:.


Perfect Nicole.


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