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I have nothing in mind besides a slim neck, or, not overly round.

So…I have a budget but I think it’s alittle cras mentioning money.

I’m looking for a mid priced guitar for rythem mainly and a little lead. I was hedging more towards a semi-hollow or full hollow. Beyond that I have no real knowledge of guitars , makes or parts to make an informed discision.

So, if @LievenDV do decide to make a video/club on this, it’s going to extremely informative, hopefully it will be recorded (time zone issues ), This i suspect will get a hugh number of hits on youtube :slight_smile:

I wasn’t kidding when I said this is going to show my ignorance, neck length and shape, pickups, makes and models and whatever else is really gibberish. Theres just far to much out there to make a good discision unless you’re really a guitar geek.

Hence the talk about this now as I wont make a choice until June, just to trot around the country looking at different guitars.


OK which country would that be?

Neck length(scale) is going to be (generally) between 25.5 inches (fender) and 24.75 (Gibson).

Longer necks are yes longer, and have higher string tension / larger frets (as a fret is 1/16th the scale length)

Shape varies quite a lot and so does width of the fret board , and the curve of the fret board ( flatter = better for lead generally easier to bend, more = better for chords)

I wouldn’t worry about the details of the pickups just check out how it sounds to you

I dont think you can go too wrong with a main brand , fender(or squire), gibson(or epiphone), schecter, yamaha, Ibanez etc

There are so many to choose from …

UK, here.


Ok so this is prob a good as any to browse

plenty of other choice elsewhere but once you dial in what you want it might get easier?!

These things are not cheap but nice and versatile if you are after something more acoustic than electric/holowbody

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Rachel, I would ask in the shop which T style guitars they have with hollow body, if that is what you are after. You will be surprised by the range. Good luck with your search.
Forget Sweetwater, they do not ship to the UK, a pity.
You could also check Gear4music, in the UK or of course Thoman in Germany.

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Having played so many videos since my OP, I’m starting to understand now why you said it’s more about the guitar construction. Which in a way is a little bad new for beginners as this is something can only be learned from time and whole bunch of guitars

I came a cross this video which says it all abbout my question, 4 different guitars all playing the same style but each with it’s own sound.

Thank you for your post. :slight_smile:



and nice to hear all of them in a Blues context!
But my problem doesn’t get solved…I like them all :laughing:. I simply can’t make a decision… that’s how the stable grows :partying_face:.

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Yeah, me too. I like them all, and they also sound similar enough that any would be good.

What that video doesn’t really show is the amp tweaks between guitars. There must have been some - either that or in post production. Single coils are quieter than humbuckers, but they were all the same volume in the mix to my ears in this vid.

I’m really trying hard to not be GAS afflicted, it’s a continual battle.


I looked at the video still above and once again thought, mmmm no tele in the stable. Yesterday I got grilled by my wife about another guitar for my birthday (family was asking what to get) and had to say a firm no, there is nothing I want. Then this !! But unusual as it is still not a tele lover. :scream:

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So true! All those videos about guitars leave the question, which amp or technical processing has been used and makes the decision even harder, as you never call tell from a video, how the guitar really sounds. That’s where I’m coming back to my own conclusion: as long as you can’t try them on your own, in your own potential setup, it’s all theoretical… and therefore it helps to get solid playing foundation and building up knowledge, so I tell myself to go back to practice :laughing:!

And: from what I’ve learned so far… for most serious players, there won’t be that ONE guitar…it’s not like getting married :joy:!


And luckily it’s not just for people with a lot of money to own multiple guitars …but than not at the same time if you are less fortunate…just buy second hand and trade until you are happy enough…for as long as it lasts and then switch again…just like dating :blush:



Well, here’s a few I’ve got info on so far

Make Model Neck Profiel Scale Length Radius Frets Fret Size Nut Bridge Electronics Elec - Mid Electronics Strings
Gibson Les Paul Standard 60’s Slim Taper 1.69 24.75 12 22 Med Jumbo Graph Tech ABR-1Tune-O-Matic Bridge 60’s Burstbucker Neck 60’s Burstbucker 10-46 *
Heritage Ltd Edition 535 Standard 1.75 24.75 12 22 Jescar Med/Jumbo Corian Tune-O-Matic Seymore Duncan Seymore Duncan 10-46
Heritage Standard 530 Standard 1.75 24.75 12 22 Jescar Med/Jumbo Bone Locking Bridge Lollar P90 Lollar P90 ?
Gibson 335 C Profile 1.75 24.75 12 22 Medium Jumbo Graph Tech ABR Tune-O-Matic Calibrated T Type Calibrated t Type 10-46
PRS Paul’s Guitar Pattern ? 1.75 25 10 22 Jumbo Bone PRS Stop Tail with Brass Insert TCI Humbucker TCI Humbucker 10-46
PRS Core Line 509 Pattern Regular 25.25 10 22 PRS ? PRS Gen 3 Patented Tremolo PRS 509 Humbucker PRS 509 Single PRS 509 Humbucker 10-46
PRS Custom 24 Pattern Thin 25 24 PRS Tremelo Gen 3
PRS Special Semi Hollow 22 58/15 Humbucker PRS Narrow Field Single Coil 58/15 Humbucker
Gretsch Broadkaster Standard U 1.68 24.6 12 22 Graph Tech Tusq Anchord Adjusto-Matic / Bigsby Full’ Tron Full’ Tron


The Top item is mine as comparison !


Well when you treat guitars like pokemon (gotta catch 'em all), surely you need a Tele? :rofl: But yeah, if you don’t feel the strong desire, why do it.

They also can’t tell you how a guitar really feels either. I thought I wanted a Les Paul and when I tried them, they just didn’t feel great to me. The best feeling was my friend’s early 2000s LP Studio, but the ones in the shop didn’t feel the same.


Surely you can’t choose a guitar from a spreadsheet - it should be more like choosing art or wine, there are so many subjective qualities.


Thank YOU, you inspired me to do a whole Live club about this subject! :smiley:

SUN, MAR 17 2024 · 18:30 UTC

Electric Guitar Essentials

I have some guitars and each one of those inspires me to play songs in a different way, to put emphasis on different things. In the end, it’s the sum of of all factors in the guitar, the vibe, the moment, the memories and the expectations that fuel the inspiration THAT time, THAT place.

People like to battle entropy and we need some order in our lives.
But it also clouds the lines when it comes to sense and nonsense when it comes to putting stuff in categories. also, people often see categories as strictly bordered things while in practice, all is overlapping (like everything in life) :smiley:


No, it a list to go test :slight_smile:

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Fantastic, My partner just told me a month off has been booked for March. :slight_smile:

I think i’ll be in attendance for this one :slight_smile:

And then something like this happens !

Only window shopping, honest !



Is it a big birthday @TheMadman_tobyjenner ? If you’re looking for something really special, that would look great next to your Gibsons…


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What, that canoe paddle, I wouldn’t denigrate my lovely Guitar with such a thing. :slight_smile:


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