Hats off for you guys

Only being part of this amazing guitar family a few moths, I think it is amazing what justin, with his experience in music, has initiated, starting somewhat 20 years ago…
Offering the opportunity for people of all kinds, with or without money, to learn to play guitar.
A visionair, noticing videolessons would be an amazing tool.
And look where you guys are now, a huge team working on the lessons, community and experience.
Thanks from an older newbie, starting at 60.


@brocantio Thanks for the feedback, gratitude, and appreciation, Rich.

@larynejg Laryne, do you ‘watch’ this Topic? If not, enjoy and we should ensure the whole team see these feedbacks (not just the problem reports)


Justin is amazing as he has taken this complete novice to someone who can actually play music and sing along without my dogs howling lol. I’m quite sure it is the singing but I have learned so much from his lessons. I go back and take lessons over and over on some, as at my age I do tend to forget some crucial playing tips. I so wish I had found this passion earlier in life, but better late than never, as they say! I love his new additions to the beginners course. Refreshers are needed too so I am with him for the long haul! Just wish I could make it to one of his acoustic workshops. Looks like great fun and a wonderful learning environnent.


Fully agree Jan, for us this is a very ‘oldtimerfriendly’ way to learn playing guitar at an older age…
@DavidP you’re welcome, it is done with the heart


Hi Jan

We sound about the same age given our user names.
Picked up my guitar at the beginning of the year after a gap of 50 years.
You are never too old to learn :+1:


Congrats to Justin and the team for the excellent review in Guitar World and guitarworld.com by Simon Fellows. It’s a must read for all Community Members. Google “guitarworld.com justinguitar review”.


@NolaBill Thanks Bill

And there’s a link to it plus other members’ feedback in Guitar World Magazine praises Justin

As much as possible! So heart-warming :relaxed: