Have guitar, will travel, but without Justin’s lessons. Edit : Now in France! 🇫🇷

I’ll be a bit quiet over the next few days as we are travelling with the caravan from Scotland down to Poole on the south coast of England and then by ferry over to France and staying there for 3 weeks.
Yes I’m taking my PRS parlour with me along with some music/song books.

This leads me to a question although it’s a bit late now to do anything about it. I’ve downloaded some of my TrueFire courses onto my iPad so I can watch them offline. Campsites always have hopeless wifi. Is there a way to download Justin’s lessons for offline viewing? The TrueFire site has a download button so it’s easily done but I can’t find a way to do the same with Justin’s lessons.

I’m not sure how much playing I’ll do as there will be lots of other things to do but we’ll see.

Yes I’ll post a photo of me and my guitar sitting in the French sunshine. :smiley:


If it’s one of the free lessons that’s also available on YouTube, you can download it from there.

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i regularly download from youtube, I had to install a plug in to support it, google something like youtube downloader

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I used to have to use a downloader as well, but now I find most YouTube videos have a download button directly under the video.


@tony @markr31 Thanks guys. I’ve had a look on YouTube but the lessons are all mixed up. I don’t have any particular lessons in mind so was looking for a simple ‘download all grade 4 lessons’ type of thing.

I suspect I’ll probably just enjoy playing and improving my repertoire rather than any real ‘learning’. :smiley:

Have a blast on your hols, Gordon :v:

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Gordon if you go to Justin’s youtube page and then select playlist all the lessons are grouped by grade. You would then need to go down the list and click download for each lesson using the hamburger menu next to each lesson. Enjoy your holiday my good friend.


:wave: :wave: :wave:
Have a great vacation :sunglasses: :sunny: :tropical_drink: :beer: :tumbler_glass:
:teapot: :guitar: :wink:

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Hi Gordon,
that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I’m on holidays right now, took my guitar with me, and use the time for playing the songs I already know. Just for the fun of it.
Yesterday evening, I went down to the beach and played and sung only for me and the waves until it was getting dark. It was so enjoyable :blush:.

The only thing I took with me for learning are lyrics of songs I’m practicing. Meanwhile, I can sing one more song by heart :grinning:.

I wish you a wonderful time. Enjoy your holiday :smiley: :sun_with_face::sunrise:


Not sure on the downloading Gordon but have a great time in France and safe travels. :slight_smile:

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Enjoy your French trip Gordon, safe travels :sunny::+1:

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Enjoy your trip.

I didn’t know there was such a thing as a travel guitar but what a great invention.

If ever there was an excuse to not bother with lessons and just play campfire classics for three weeks this it it!

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Well finally got to France. What a terrible journey. Traffic jams and roadworks all the way down the M6. Then more of the same into Poole Dorset. Finally got the ferry to Cherbourg and started the drive down the Cherbourg peninsula to the Vendée. Probably passed by close to where @TheMadman_tobyjenner lives on the route to Rennes then Nantes. What should have been a 4 maybe 5 hour journey turned into a 7 hour drive thanks to lots of French ‘bouchon’ at Rennes and Nantes.
Anyway, caravan and awning all set up now, bottle of red has disappeared so all is right with the world. The guitar will come out of its gig bag tomorrow.
Well that was my plan but apparently there is a not to be missed French market in some obscure little town tomorrow!!:woozy_face:


If you whizzed down the A84 to Rennes, you could have waived as you sailed past Saint James. I’m about 5 clicks NW of Junction 32. Have a great “les vacances” Gordon !

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Hi James. The YouTube download only appears to be available if you subscribe to the premium version. You can get a months free trial so I might try that. Problem is if you forget to cancel it’s £15.99 per month.
On the other hand I might just get myself another beer! :smiley:

Bonjour Gordon! Comment allez-vous ? :smile:

Have fun, eat well and learn a few french words in your trip. France is a great destination.

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Enjoy Gordon, and share some pics.



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All set up and organised now.


Good to go! :smiley:


Wow. The guitar tuning has gone haywire! Need to let it settle in I think. Too many recent temperature changes I think.

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