Hello from David - countryguy

Hello everyone,
I hope this reaches the correct place as I am not good with computers. Just joined and a beginner.
I love traditional country music and would like to accompany myself singing. Last year I was given my own radio show on local internet radio. There is a station in Solihull called on your radio solihull . Every Monday night at 6 pm I do my show called Country Music Celebration where I play 16 songs and talk about country music. If anyone wants a listen just go to the website and then you can LISTEN AGAIN to any past shows. Or listen live on Mondays. I shall be giving Justin’s website a mention.

Does the system automatically record my progress so that I will know exactly where I am in the course? Many thanks. David


Yes - it’s a great system for tracking progress. From the homepage if you click on your profile name and then “Dashboard” it will take you to your, errr… dashboard (funnily enough). If you then click down the sidebar on “Journey” you can see what courses you are doing, where you are in them, and which you have completed. The other options here also allow you to see any saved or favourite-d content you may want quick access to.


Hi David, welcome! Yep, you’ve found the right place and you’ve obviously already found the right teacher :wink:

Hope you’re having and continue to have a lot of fun learning, terrific ambition you’ve already laid out, good luck!

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Hi David,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun and countrymusic :sunglasses:

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Hello David and welcome. :slight_smile:

Enjoy your guitar adventure.

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Hello David, and welcome here. There are plenty Country Guys here, including someone who probably knows all the songs by the man in black! For you to discover!

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Welcome to the forum David

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Welcome David. I’m a beginner, too, 6 months in. It’s a great community I am sure you will enjoy yourself here.

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Welcome to the forum David!

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Hey David, welcome to the forum. Country roads is always popular around a campfire. Look forward to hearing more from you,

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Hi David, welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

Some nice traditional country music is always an enjoyable listen - and lots of fun to play on the guitar as well! Wish you a lot of joyful moments on your learning journey and hope to hear some sweet country tunes from you soon. :smiley:

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Hello David, welcome!

After every new module, you have to add the new practice routine manually if you want to use it. There is a video lesson for the practice routine in each module at the end and there you’ll find the link to add it to your own routine when you’re ready to move on from the old routine.
(All will be explained in the videos anyway. So no worry, just a heads up).

You find all this info on the dashboard, which was already well explained by Svalbaard.

Wish you a lot of fun with your progress!

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Hi David and welcome to the community. You have found the right place and I think you’ll be playing and singing some traditional country songs before you finish Grade 1.

If you go to Justin’s website page and select the Song tab at the top, then select filter and Grade 1 you can see all of the Grade 1 song lesson videos. You can also search directly for the songs.

In grade 1 song lessons there is traditional country (or traditional Nashville country music artists, although all the songs selected have broader appeal and charted on popular music charts) - I Walk The Line and A Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash, Jolene - Dolly Parton, Jambalaya - Hank Williams, and some more modern country - The Gambler - Kenny Rogers, Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way - Waylon Jennings, Achy Breaky Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus, Boys 'Round Here - Blake Shelton

Have fun learning to play new songs.

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Hi David! Welcome aboard have lots of fun while learning to play your country songs!

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Hi everyone, I have just completed all the lessons fro Grade One. Can someone tell me where to find the test I need to take before attempting Grade Two. many thanks

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Wait a moment, David :slightly_smiling_face: What’s the rush? :smiley: This might trigger @Richard_close2u :laughing:

Seriously though… You are now what, seven days in? Hold your horses :racehorse: :racehorse: :racehorse:

Have you played guitar before or are you a total newbie? :thinking:

There is no test as such. It’s mainly a question of your own judgement. Here is a link to a very interesting discussion about the very same topic

You can also check what criteria Justin set for himself when learning left-handed.

In general though, I would say: Breath. Give yourself time. Practice. Have fun. Apply the learned. Play songs :smiley: Play and sing - there is nothing more fun than that :smiley:

I am not new to guitar and I have been consolidating Beginner Grade 1 for some weeks already. The more I am playing, the more I am noticing things to improve. Yet it’s so much fun :blush:

In summary: Enjoy the journey - don’t set yourself up to fail :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello David.
Welcome to JustinGuitar and the Community. I’m arriving late to your welcome party. You’re now several weeks further along - how are you getting on learning with Justin’s fantastic lessons and resources?

There are many good folk here who will happily offer help and encouragement to those coming up behind them on Justin’s Beginner Courses. They embody and carry the pay-it-forward ethos we have nurtured for many years in our community. There are many old hands too who have years and (hopefully) a bit of wisdom they can bring as they give their support to those hitting the road blocks - which we all do.

Did you figure out the Journey tab on the main site Dashboard?

As @roger_holland says that seems mighty quick, too quick.
You can view all the video lessons in a few weeks but to be able to play to a Grade 1 level takes a bit longer. Did you find the Nitsuj videos as a rough guide? Here is the final video before he progresses to Grade 2. https://www.justinguitar.com/guitar-lessons/nitsuj-module-7-practice-10-nj-710

Just ask if you need anything else.
Cheers :slight_smile:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide, Approved Teacher & Community Moderator.


Hi Chris, welcome. Good you have now jumped into playing yourself songs in addition to play them on the radio show you host. Although everyone learns at a different pace, it usually take some time to automate some of the skills the student is learning. So moving quickly from one module or grade to the next not necessarily means that the student is progressing as he or she intends to. You can record yourself for yourself with the cell phone (it can be audio only) and try to assess how you’re progressing and what you need to works a little more and of course you can make that assessment against the guidelines referenced above by other members of the community. Enjoy playing the guitar.

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