Nitsuj Module 7 - Practice 10

Nitsuj's final practice session in Grade 1 - he passes today :)

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I think the Chord Perfect changes are great…I independently started doing them and find it helpful.

It’s kinda awesome (and endearing) to see Justin so happy for passing his grade 1. :slight_smile:

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Seeing Nitsuj in action for the first time…this quite helpful.
Thanks Justin (once again)

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Great effort Nitsuj. Good to be able to compare your standard to my own in terms of whether I’m good enough to pass grade 1.

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Hello @Kej27 and welcome to the Community.

It’s great that you’re gaining insight from watching a fellow beginner and helping shape context for your own learning.

Cheers :smiley:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Moderator, Guide & Approved Teacher

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