Hello from Sarah, in Norway

I’m Sarah, a former resident of England now residing off-the-grid in northern Norway.

I played clarinet and piano for 17 years, but when I got into rock music as a teenager, I decided to teach myself guitar. I played it for about seven years. Since the early 2000s I’ve given it up several times, but in the last two years I’ve been playing it continuously. I came across Justin Guitar and decided to restart learning from the beginning. I completed the grade 1 and 2 courses a while ago, and am now back to attempt to solve my biggest struggle (next to writing introductions!) - writing notation.


Hi Sarah,
Your introduction is fine, :smiley:…welcome and you have a fantastic (more than) music base, :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:…and then starting at the beginning here is a really good move :+1:,…you will fly through many lessons. …and of course bumping into a couple like everyone else that almost hurts, :woozy_face:…I wish you a lot of fun and hope to hear from you on your further musical journey…

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Hi Roger
I think my introductions either read like a ‘life story novel’ or a ‘this is the 27th CV I’ve written today’. This one is the latter!

I got through the two courses quickly, but hit my first hurdle, an alp-sized mountain, in transcribing note values on the transcription course. I’ll write about that under the Transcription forum later today.


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Hi Sarah, welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Liaty!

I’m glad I found the course and community :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum Sarah

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Hi Sarah, extending you a warm welcome to the community

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Thank you, Stitch!

Thank you, Prbushe!

Hey Sarah, great to hear from you, welcome to the community, my best friend was of Norwegian descent and always spoke fondly of his times visiting Norway. Nice to hear from that part of the world. Look forward to hearing more from you.

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Hi Tony

It’s nice to hear from you too. I’ve only been living in Norway a year, so I still have a lot of exploring to do of this very scenic country. With no neighbours in the vicinity, it’s a great place to practice guitar :joy:


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Oh what a lovely position to be in, off grid (which means no restrictions on volume levels (unless you’ve got neighbours :joy:), no electric bills and all of the other garbage that goes with it…… I could go on for hours :joy:.
I would love to be a 70 year old beach bum living my life as I see fit instead of…………. (substituting bad things for dots :joy:).
Have fun sorting out what to do next, once you’ve got the basics out of the way the sky is your oyster! It’s nice to keep us in touch with how things are going occasionally - a snippet in AVOYP is a great option!

Hello Sarah and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

How cool, off-grid an in Norway. Very jealous.

Glad you see you are staying on track with your guitar playing. Hopefully when you feel the time is right, you’ll share some of your stuff in the AVOYP section.

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It has its disadvantages, but its biggest advantage is spending three hours learning the same song for three hours at a volume of my choice as I have no neighbours!

I’ve completed the basics and I’m now back to learning songs I once knew off by heart and trying to figure out note values for transcription.

I’m still learning how the site works, so I don’t know what AVOYP is!

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Welcome Sarah. living off grid must be challenging and great at the same time.

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AVOYP = Audio or video of you playing, here it is:

There’s also an Open mic night that’s held monthly, here’s where it is:

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Nice to meet you, Sarah! I guess you’re not “new” (referring to your post from another thread :sweat_smile:) but it’s great to hear from you. It took me quite a while to make my first post as well :blush: Glad you are here!

On another topic - off-the-grid in Norway, wow!! That’s quite something. I’m guessing that must feel incredibly liberating!

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Hi Sarah,

Welcome to the forum. I have a similar story of starting around 2004 or so, failing again and again, until 2 years ago I dusted off the strat and found Justin guitar. Justin’s methods are easy to follow and really helped me improve quickly. Keep at it and you will get there. Looking forward to hearing you play sometime if you post a song and always here to offer support.

Jeff from California

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Hi Skinnyt

There are challenging moments, but the advantageous moments are greater in number!

Thank you for the link!

I will try to pluck up courage to post an audio recording. I have stage fright just at the thought of it! :smile:

(I wasn’t able to reply yesterday as I’d used up the number of posts I could make as a new member.)