Hello, I am Daphne from Washington State

Hello, My name is Daphne and I have been playing guitar for about 3 1/2 years. I am in another guitar community but the forums there aren’t very active. I miss having a place to discuss guitar and music. I found out about Justin Guitar from a google search for online lessons. I have used many of his song tutorials over the past few years. I like country, blues, rock, folk and bluegrass music.


Hi Daphne, welcome to the best community in the Universe :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::heart_eyes_cat:
We are very active here, if you try to keep up with everything you don’t get much time for playing! Things that will probably interest you are the AVOYP (Audio/Video of you playing) section where you can post for critique, help, advice and encouragement; we also run an Open Mic night on the community - next one in a week (I think). Join in and have a look at some of the previous posts that may interest you and just have fun!


Hello Daphne,
Welcome here… :sunflower:
Other ??? what other… :joy:… There is always something to do here, and Darrell is right, it’s even a bit busy here, and I really have to be careful with where I spend my time… I’m missing out already a few hours in 1 day… Have fun and I’m sure I’ll meet you somewhere.
Greetings, Rogier


Welcome to the Community, Daphne.

We are super friendly and supportive and (of course) huge fans of Justin and both his material to teach us how to play as well as the song lessons.

The next OM is Feb 19th. You can read all about it here

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Hello and welcome Daphne. :slight_smile:

Always plenty of people here talking shop, so you’re in good company.

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Hello there Daphne! Welcome to the tribe!

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Hi Daphne :wave:

Lots of good things happening here and friendly peeps and no attitudes. Welcome. :sunglasses:

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Hello @Daphne20 welcome to the Community.

Cheers :smiley:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide & Moderator

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Thanks, I am excited that there is a Open mic in this community. I want to do more singing and playing this year. I am also glad to hear there is a section where I can get feedback on my playing.

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I found out about this group from Justin’s Instagram page. I am excited that there is an open mic on here. I have been looking for places to play music.

The forums are not active at all in another group I am in. I am definitely looking for a new community. I am glad that there is an active community on here. I have missed having a place where I can ask questions, chat about music and get feedback.


Still room in the audience for one more if you are interested. OM VI 19th Feb, let me know here, should be a 11am start for you if you’re Seattle time UTC-8 ?.




Thanks for the welcome.

Welcome to the community. Nice to meet you

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Daphne - just looking back at your original post …

Learning songs - that is music to my ears. :slight_smile:
Now you have found the JustinGuitar website, I thoroughly recommend that you go to the start of the beginner course and do a quick work through of the many lessons contained within. After 3 plus years of learning you will have most of grades 1 and 2 learned though it is always good to check for gaps, check for bad habits etc.

Also, re: the community open mics, check here for lots more info: Community Open Mics – How They Work, Access & Eligibility

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From time to time I will go back and review beginner lessons to see if there are any gaps in my playing.

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