Help me find strumming videos where you can see the strumming

In one of Justin’s strumming lessons he recommends watching a guitar player strumming through a song. I’ve looked on YouTube and there are plenty of backing tracks and lessons on ‘how to’ but I haven’t found any videos where you can actually see, or watch, the strumming. Suggestions for where to find some?

Hi Thomas,
The most songs I see lately are from this guy…especially in the last few months (year?) I see videos where he plays the entire songs at the beginning…
Guitar teacher who plays entire songs clearly in the picture



I guess you just need to look up your favorite artist(s) on YouTube and watch them performing. You won’t see the whole song strummed but you often get to see a lot of it. For example…

He is not suggesting you watch strumming lessons, just any video where someone is strumming and to turn the volume down and focus on their strumming hand. So any band, any song that includes a shot of someone playing rhythm. That’s all.

Random YT search for Quo, watch the rhythm at 47 sec, constant up and down not stop start. See the rhythm, this is what Justin is telling you to do.


And in the intro he throws in some double strums eg around 20 seconds

(shame about the revolving camera work :nauseated_face: )

Bad boy @TheMadman_tobyjenner you may have sent me on down a Quo rabbit hole when I’m supposed to be working haha!

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Yes but this crops in Justin’s lesson when he is referring to the need to keep the arm moving ALL the time, which is why I ignored the intro section, as it was not a good example in this contexts.

@Richard_close2u working ?? Here is one of the best live albums ever

Hi Toby,
I don’t think this was what Thomas meant ( that’s correct ? @newstrings ) at least I read the question differently from Thomas… in the right way, as Justin suggested… and Justin seemed to me to be the good example to look at :smile:

And now And now I’m going to waste time again on the music you posted on the music you posted :grimacing::grin:

Big Correction on (And now I’m going to waste time again)
By listening with the guitar in hand and participating, I learned something very nice.
That riff from Down down :sunglasses:
thanks Toby :smiley:

Any Quo video would be a good study of solid rhythm but pretty much any band featuring guitars would do. OK it won’t be a full 5 minutes of strumming but you will see enough and Justin is stressing the “watching” not the “listening”.

From St 1-08

A good idea here is to turn the sound off, so you can focus on the technique and not on the music. :wink:
What did you notice when you watched your idol? You should have seen them moving their strumming arm like a pendulum when they play rhythm guitar. Once they start, they continue moving their arm consistently!

Another at random

Quotastic Toby. What a great trip down memory lane!

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As has already been said, Just about any music video will have footage of the guitarist’s strumming. even if it’s only a small part of the song. If you want to see the whole song, Justin’s videos usually start with a playthrough, and I generally find if I want to learn a song that Justin doesn’t have a lesson on, Marty Schwartz (martymusic) , or at a pinch, Alan Robinson (guitar tutor man), will have a lesson with a playthrough at the start where you can see how they do the strumming.

@newstrings Watch the Max Sessions with Slash and Myles Kennedy. Two different style of playing an acoustic but lots to take away.

lots of good shots of the strumming on both Slash and Myles

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A somewhat competitor to Justin that has great video tutorials of songs is GuitarZero2Hero on YT. He also has an Express channel with just playthrough of songs and you see the strumming all the time.