Help sponsor the JG Community Open Mic Zoom license!

Edit - Thanks everyone we hit our goal with pledges

Thanks so much, you’re a generous bunch and we know that not everyone that wanted to got a chance to contribute. We love you anyway!

If you’ve pledged already but haven’t had the chance to xfer, please check with me via DM on how much before xfering. This is only a handful of people.

Hi everyone,

The Justin Guitar Community Open Mic organisers are looking for people to donate to help pay for our own community Zoom licence. :smiley:

Up until now the community Open Mics have been very generously run with Adrian’s work zoom license, now that the OMs have grown to the point they’re a regular popular feature in the community we thought it best we get our own Zoom license. This will allow us to do some extra things with the open mic in time… and also prevent potential last minute hiccups like almost happened at the last OM :wink:. So we have purchased our own Zoom license! :heart_eyes: Hooray! :star_struck:

We had a couple of people in the OM organising group offer to pay for the whole thing but in the spirit of the community we thought we would offer for people to contribute if they wanted. The JGC OM’s are community run and free.

An annual Zoom license cost us around AU$230 for the year. If you wanted to contribute, we would ask just to contribute up to around AU$10, no more. We have started the pot off with a few donations already, so we’re looking for around AU$198.

Please just post below that you’d like to donate and how much, and then I will send you a direct message with a paypal link to contribute, which will be to my PayPal via PayPal Friends & Family. PayPal does charge a small fee, please consider that part of the donation.

Please don’t give more than the small nominal amount as we don’t want to collect too much and will stop once we have met the goal, and have a suspicion that might be pretty quick! If we meet our goal super quick it will mean we won’t collect from everyone that offers.

All contributions will be tracked in this google sheet to thank the contributors.

Please know that a donation doesn’t get you any special privileges at the OM, and is entirely optional!

Thanks everyone! :guitar:


Sign me up!

EDIT: to the max you suggest.


Yes sign me up. a round number in US$ comes to around to $10.75 (recalculated with their rate)


Rod is in for 10 of the appropriate currency :sunglasses:…. Rod


Wow, fast response right off the bat! I’ve sent you guys all links via DM. Thank you!


Yeah, even though I don’t do open mic or AVOYP, I want to support this community. Sign me up.


Count me in please @jkahn , max amount :+1:


I am in for $10.75 USD. A worthwhile endeavor, and thank all of you for doing this. Someday I will actually participate with music…
Since it is a yearly subscription, can we pay our contribution yearly as well, or is it easier to just ask every year?


Count me in the the $AU 10.


I’m happy to contribute. 10 Aussie dollars = £5.75.
If more people than you need offer to pay, they can pay next year.


Count me in too JK, AU$10 (that’ll be roughly NZ $0.50 right? :thinking: Just kids :wink::sweat_smile:)
Great idea, thanks for organising it! :grinning::+1:


Thanks @markr31, @Notter, @Jamolay, @tony, @sairfingers and @nzmetal you should all have the link via DM now.

I think we’ll just ask every year, less to keep track of that way.

Definitely, we’re almost at our goal already, we figured the community would be quite generous.

The kiwibuck to dollary-doo exchange rate has changed a bit recently :rofl:. Yep it’s in AU$ because I chucked the sub on my credit card, just easy that way.

Thank you everyone so far!


Not even for a certain …



This community has given me a lot and I’ve enjoyed watching the OMs so count me in on yearly subscription dude. Maybe one year I’ll perform at one of them.

Thanks for doing the conversion for me Gordon.


You’d get special privileges anyway Maggie!


There I have corrected your typo :rofl:


Yeah count me in bud :+1:


2023’s as good a year as any James :slight_smile:


Sign me up for $10 if you’re still looking ($10 AUS is ~ $10 Cdn!). If you’re already oversubscribed then I’ll just donate to JG the usual way :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @Socio @liaty @Mari63 you all have DMs.

Feel free to do that of course (lots of us donate to JG for all the free lessons, I do!), just know this is separate as this a community thing. We are on JG’s community but the OMs are run by a motley crew of volunteers rather than being a Justin thing.