JustinGuitar Community Open Mic Merchandise now available!

The JustinGuitar Open Mic have become a treasured event and a real highlight of Community life and engagement since the very first one on 23 March 2021. All events had been hosted on a work licence kindly ‘donated’ but this was not a sustainable option. In January 2023 there was behind-the-scenes discussion about the Community funding a Zoom Pro licence for the Open Mic events. A decision was made to crowdfund the purchase of a licence within the Community. The target total was met within just a few hours and many others wanting to contribute missed the opportunity due to the rapid responses and overwhelming generosity of so many. Topic here.

As part of the discussions re: funding the licence, I had the idea of creating and selling T-shirts through the JustinGuitar merchandise store and came up with a hastily drafted design to illustrate the concept.

The idea gained some traction, I raised it at a JustinGuitar team meeting, and lo and behold, thanks to input and design work from the team (@babs91 especially) we are happy to announce that the idea has become reality.

A few samples …


All monies raised will contribute to funding Zoom annual licences on a continuing basis in the first instance. Any additional monies raised will be available for other Open Mic or Community initiatives. @larynejg will make an announcement around this in the coming newsletter and she intends maintaining a full and separate financial record.

How cool is that.



Build it and they will come :wink:


It’s so cool that it may also positively influence global warming :laughing:


Can you do one that says " I don’t have the balls to play at a Justin Guitar Open Mic event"?


No but there could be a line in “Your Time Will Come. Be patient Grasshopper”.
One day Stuart, one day. Keep that dream close to your heart !


I’m building a guillotine at the moment. Please give directions. :rofl:


Convenient just came out when it’s a payday :rofl:




Mandatory attire for future Open Mics. Buy now and get ready for Open Mic XVI peeps.
If you are not a newbie and are in the frame for Open Mic XV get your order in and ask for express delivery !!

MMS will stay with the Outlaw Merch :wink:

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Mark once you get an AOVYP under your belt, even in the Beginners thread, you qualify. Reach for the stars my friend ! :sunglasses:

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@Stuartw There are two strands … one reads

I played at a JustinGuitar Open Mic

and the other reads

JustinGuitar Open Mic

That should just about cover everybody!


But then something with Justin’s head or logo :upside_down_face:
Okay, this is more of a scary ad than, look at me what I’ve done…

But a super good idea Richard :sunglasses: … Maybe an idea if this will sell well to optional an expensive variant without plastic print, … I know that embroidery is very expensive, but there are also other options … just a question for later when it starts selling like crazy :crossed_fingers:
Greetings Rogier

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Given shipping duration plus potential need for multiple attempts, it may be OM CVI before I can don the T

OK I succumbed last night and placed an order as a late birthday present for myself. Not sure what the ETA is likely to be but it helps ring fence next years Zoom licence. So all is good.


Very cool idea, Richard!
If you ever plan a subsequent collection, I could need a guitar player’ s sweater for winter with a longsleeve at the left and a short sleeve at the right, without hood (strap tangles up) :wink: I had a lot of frosty practice session in T-Shirts while saving energy. Need my strumming arm uncovered…

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Hi Andrea,
Staying warm, especially keeping my hands warm is a big problem here…I think your idea is great (that’s not necessarily a good sign, you will know by now :upside_down_face:)…meanwhile you can do this above during your guitar lessons that will keep you warm…

The duck walk

But before it becomes an idea topic I will stop, after all, it was not asked by Richard or team, “start small” :blush:


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Following requests, some different styles have been introduced.

(sample colours only shown below)





Hot on the heels of the open mic from the weekend just gone - with several T-shirts etc. being worn.



Only if it also comes in women’s styles! :rofl:

See the post two above yours!