Hi Everyone, I'm a guitar addict

Hi everyone, my names Brendan. I’m hoping to find my place in this community to talk about music and stuff :smiley:

My guitar addiction started almost 2 years ago with a cheap jackson and a line 6 spider amp and has ended up costing more money in gear than I ever imagined (send help :skull_and_crossbones: ). I never imagined myself playing music, I always felt like music was something beyond my grasp, but I was wrong. I started my learning with Troy Stetina’s metal guitar methods and patreon page, but at the start of the new year I discovered Justin Guitar. My musical focus is on rock and metal, and I have interest in blues and jazz (but that’s more a temporary musical detour when I get a little bored with rock and metal).

So I found Justin Guitar by accident when I was looking for some beginner jazz lessons and found Justin’s advanced lessons. The quality was superb (and above my level) and I quickly noticed he had courses organized into grades and modules :drooling_face: and I can’t resist something so methodically organized. So I started working through the beginner series. Right away my strumming technique started improving and my fundamental understanding of guitar improved, so now I’m following through all the grades and supplementing Troy’s materiel with Justin’s (currently on grade 2). I’ve been finding the two methods compliment each other extremely well. I’m hoping to make a donation to Justin in April when I get three pay cheques in one month :heart_eyes:

One last thing, my guitar addiction has lead me into learning how to be a luthier. Now I’m filled with dreams of quitting my day job and opening a guitar shop (please! send help :skull: :pray: )


Sadly Brendan there is no cure for GAS and sounds like you have it bad ! Welcome :wave:
Nothing wrong with dreams they help us achieve our aspirations. Any questions shout up and someone will help.

Where abouts are you located btw ?



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Hey Toby! I’m from Canada :maple_leaf:
My GAS hit it’s peak on boxing day, but seems to have simmered down since then haha.

GAS don’t have a peak, it just hides for a little while. There are quite a few of your country folk here about, spread from BC to Ontario and Quebec so you’ll feel at home.

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GAS don’t have a peak, it just hides for a little while.

:open_mouth: :astonished: :face_with_head_bandage: oh no

Hey Brendan, welcome to the community. I beat my GAS when I realized the gear wasn’t making me a better player, so now I have GPS instead. Good to see a Canadian here, I gained a really good Canadian friend working for a global company. I’ve had aspirations of learning to be a luthier. Another friend of minute took a couple of build your own guitar courses and now builds his own range of guitars and ukuleles.

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Nice! I’ve been working on building my first guitar for quite a few months now. I got side tracked part way through and started making my own bench haha, but slowly the pieces are coming together.
So far my GAS has helped inspire me to play more, but I can see how quickly it will get out of control if I let it haha :sweat_smile:

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Welcome Brendan.
It is Justin’s structure allied with his easy manner and supreme skills of teaching that make him so popular and successful at helping people all around the world to play.
Congratulations and kudos for stepping right back to the role of absolute beginner and stating from the basics.

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Hey Brendan, sounds like you’re definitely on the right track!
Do not underestimate GAS it’s very sneaky, it attacks when you’re expecting it least! Her indoors keeps mine under control, she’s very clever at spotting any ideas I have about getting things in through the back door :joy:
Looking forward to hearing from you as you go through your journey, it’s customary to share recording(s) in the AVOYP section; it leads to critique, advice, encouragement and confidence to be gained plus keeping a record of your progress.
Join in the fun and enjoy!

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Hi Brendan , welcome!

GAS is a real thing, talk to me about photography :wink:

As for the luthier bit I think its important to know how your tolls work and how to keep them in shape whatever you are doing

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Thanks for the reply guys! Stepping back to beginner was quite an amazing experience, Richard, it helped me appreciate all the hours of practice I’ve put it and how far I’ve come since I first picked up a guitar and thought “wow that’s a lot of strings, it’s so shiny, I hope he doesn’t give me a pick to play something”

Darrell it’s funny you point out the AVOYP section, I’ve already posted there! You should check my post out if you want, I’d love all the feedback I can get!
Rob Zombie - Dragula (Cover, Audio Only)

If I was more reckless I’d definitely be buying an EQ pedal, a better cab, some sort of pedal switching system, my list goes on and on (and on).

Rob, one of my co-workers does astro photography and I’ve seen him put down some seriously big money on that haha.


Hello there :wave:

Welcome and make yourself comfortable. We always have room for another one :grin:

It seems we have very alike taste for music (and detours) :sweat_smile:. Another metal head to the family :grin:.

Well if you are not comfortable in your current job and being a luthier is a realistic goal… I don’t see the problem :+1:.

Anyway, good luck with your journey

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Welcome to the community, Brendan. What better way to manage GAS than learning to be a luthier. I look forward to following your progress. Rock on.

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Hey Brendan! Glad your enjoying the lessons here! :smiley: Guitar Addiction is truly sneaking up on me as well and owning a guitar shop sounds like double the trouble! :joy:

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Oh yeah haha I used to teach that

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Welcome Brendan. New guitar addict here. Check out my new baby. Check out this attic find!

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Thanks for the introduction, Brendan. Look forward to updates from you. Would love to hear and see more of the guitar build project.

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Hello Brendan and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

There are plenty of people here willing to talk and share their musical experiences.

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And so it starts. Next will be the addition to put the bench in so you have more room, then new tools, then the shop thing starts to really gnaw at you. I am truly sorry, but you are so badly bitten there is no going back!

Glad you found a space here to share your insanity, er, I mean passion, with like minded folks. :grinning:

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Hey Brendan,

Welcome to this awesome community :hugs::hugs:. I totally feel your GAS (guitar acquisition syndrome) and I think the only cure is to acquire more guitars and play more music :grin::grin:.

If I could, I would totally send you help to setup your own guitar shop :star_struck:. Just how awesome would it be.

I am looking forward to see your music and shop :muscle::muscle:.

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