Holiday - Green Day

I played this song for today’s JG Open Mic, but figured posting a slightly more polished version would be a nice way to put a bow on it.

Really fun song to play. I practiced much longer than I usually would for a song (a whole 2 months!) since I had never played live in front a group of people. Despite that, I did mess up on the solo when playing live. I did better on this one though I did mess the timing up a little later in the song. Great stuff, I love Green Day and want to do another of their songs one day in the future. Maybe basket case, or when september ends. They have a lot of really great songs.

For those interested here’s the backing track I used: Green Day - Holiday [Guitar Backing Track] - YouTube


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Killing it, Alex! Loved this in the OM, thought you absolutely smoked it on debut! :metal: This is a stellar version to have laid down too. I’m always really impressed with how tight and precise your 3-finger power chords are! I almost exclusively play two fingered ones as whenever I try the 3-finger, I stumble around the fretboard like I’m wearing cloves! :joy:
Green Day are a tricky band for me, I really enjoyed their early stuff but later on they just lost me, although this is one of their good tracks, so nice picking! :wink: :+1:
Well done mate, super solid playing and great to see the solo, nailed that (don’t remember any mistakes when you played it live though :thinking:). :metal:


That was great playing Alexis, sounded great. Absolutely nailed the tone. You did really well at the OM too.

Random Green Day fact… that you might know but I only learned recently. There is a fourth Green Day member. When Green Day record albums they always double track the guitar to make them sound fatter. So when they play live, another guitarist is always there to make the guitar sound fatter. I’ve never seen them live but there you go.

I haven’t tried when september ends, but have done basketcase - it’s well within your capabilities and super fun to play with the fast palm muting riffs.


Good morning, Alexis.
Just wanted to say that your performance yesterday was terrific :star_struck::metal::fire:.
Holiday is my favourite GD song - and not just mine. I can remember seeing them live 10 years ago (it was the first time I went with my daughter to a rock concert as she was a big GD fan). When they performed Holiday the whole venue was ‘burning’ :fire::fire: :smiley::metal:.

You played it so well, and I was so impressed by how quickly and accurately you changed the power chords.

Really great job on it at your live performance as well as your AVOYP :clap::+1::star_struck:!!

And thanks a lot for the link for the backing tracks. I’ll definitely check them out when I feel ready to work on this song :blush:.


This is great :clap: never noticed any timing issues and the power chords sounded on point, very nicely played :v:


It wasn’t yesterday, it was this morning, what are you talking about, Nicole?! :thinking: :joy: Time zones are weird :face_with_spiral_eyes: :rofl:


It was yesterday, at some point before midnight @nzmetal :grin:

@alexisduprey You did so well yesterday and in that now uploaded video :slightly_smiling_face:. Are you taking song requests? If so, may I ask for your take on “Brutal love”? :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds awsome Alexis!! You were smokin hot on the open mic last night aswell :fire::fire::fire: really impressed. Your timing is great!


Well done Alexis. Your performance last night was terrific and this ‘studio’ version rocked too.


Well done Alexis. The chord changes are pretty fast but you’re keeping it very relaxed.

I’ve been working on this song too when Justin uploaded the lesson, so I might do a video soon as well.


Well for starters there is very little difference between this “polished” version and the polished OM debut Alexis. Loved it yesterday, loved this morning. Well done sir !


Sounds awesome Alexis! :clap::clap::clap::sunglasses::guitar::blush:

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Very nice guitar playing.
Clean and clear, lovely tone!!!
Love this!

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Thanks @Chazzo78, @tRONd , @sairfingers, @SILVIA, @ReneAsologuitar for the watch and the kind words!

Thanks Jeff, can’t wait to see yours!

Thanks Jeff!

Yeah, I had similar issues with 2 string power chords. You’d think adding or removing one finger wouldn’t add any difficulty, but it does. Not sure why, lol.

Thanks JK!

I got really into rock in the Mid 2000’s so Green Day was a staple in my iPod Shuffle’s playlist and I never knew that!

Thanks for the kind words, Nicole! You should definitely try the song out when you get the chance. It’s as fun to play as it sounds!

Oohhh, another great green day song that I haven’t listened to in a loooong time. Adding to the very long list of songs I’d like to cover one day!

Thanks Toby, to be honest, I was all nerves at the time, so I barely remember my performance besides blanking during the solo. Looking forward to watching it when the recording it up, lol.


Fourth green day member, fourth…. Can’t believe I made that typo :roll_eyes: Edited now

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Don’t worry JK, I know what you meant!

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Really well playing @alexisduprey, very well done.

Sticking to practising a song for a whole 2 months for the audience is a real musicianship itself and what bands want to see in their members. Congratulations on the dedication itself.

I also noticed that you developed a really nice vibrato technique, it sounds flawless.

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Hi Alexis,
Good thing I went to listen to another song today, :sweat_smile:

Because this was absolutely great and as tight as a high mountain in the Andes :sunglasses: :clap: :sunglasses:

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Hi Alex,
My middle daughter is a big GD fan. I should send her this as you did a great job of it! Like the tone and sliding power chords. Very nice work there. Keep up the good play!

On another note, I really like color of your LP guitar!

All the best,

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