I need a drum pedal or some thing?

Drum is very important and I have a keyboard that I can come up with some thing but it is terrible.
I have made many songs that I need to record drum while playing my guitar.

Anybody has using or is using drum pedal ?

Can you please give me a suggestion?

I have a Beat Buddy, but I found it too much of a bother to use. Changing the settings between songs was a hassle. I’ve loaned it to someone else because I never used it.

thanks yes I know and I have been reading a lot reviews complaining that :frowning:

I’ve got the boss drs01 and quite like it.

Thanks, Is it easy to use ? I was looking at Digitech Trio it is so easy to use , all you need is to strum your guitar and it automatically creates drum beats that you can further edit.

I’d there not a phone app or something

I find it easy. you have a set of buttons along the left to get different sorts of beats. drum kit, cajon, tamborine, bongo etc and you can select multiple ones or not. Tempo and volume easy to set and you can turn on / off click in.

Have a look here Tom. Loads of info on the Trio+.
DigiTech Trio+ Band Creator & Looper

ToneLib GFX has a drum machine.




You can change the style but you cannot actually EDIT the drum track. There are 12 style options, from Blues to Rock, Metal, Country and Jazz etc ie different genres. And it will also create Bass. Takes a bit of getting used to and you really have to simplify songs in order to teach it. But pretty good when you get the hang of it.



Thanks the tonelib drum is good just for practicing, I already have RC-3 too both work fine for practicing but I have made so many songs that I want to record and upload to youtube I need drum for that.

by edit I mean small things like changing the tempo etc and style is great . I am right now thinking of Boss DR 01S too but what I like about trio is the ability to just strum and get the drum beat.

The Trio is nice for practice use as you can quickly get a decent drum and bass backing track build a loop and then jam over it.

It’s kind of OK for live performances, although in this case you would probably use it more like a backing track by creating the song sections in advance, unless your song structure was basic.

I wouldn’t have thought it was significantly better than the drum grooves on Tonelib for recording purposes.

IMO, if you are wanting to record anything.more than fairly basic arrangements (e.g. for AVOYP) the the Trio+ is a bit limited.

You might be better getting a DAW setup and using something like EZ Drummer, where you get a lot more control and variation, and can build up and edit the recording properly.




I have reaper and ToneLib plugin inside reaper does not have drums etc and the problem with most in my case is that they are complicated and they drag me following the preset rhythm . How can I explain ? I never get what I need and as a matter of fact I just need very simple beats.

Not sure about EZ drummer will look around and see what it does . thanks

If you are using Reaper I would definitely agree with Keith and suggest something like ezdrummer. Far more flexible than the trio especially if you’re recording multitrack projects. I would only use the Trio for live performances like our OMs, creating the track parts required for each song.


OH ok but do I need to use my keyboard and create beats ?

Wait a min this seems good

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I’ve also got a Beat Buddy. I find it easy to use, I just use the manager software to save a beat/track for each song. Then I can just step straight to the song without having to change manual settings.

I have spent hours searching reviews in amazon etc about beat buddy and majority say it is very difficult so I gave up on that buddy :slight_smile:

Maybe worth checking our the Boss RC-10R.