I think I've finally conquered my GAS

I haven’t bought any guitars all year so far!


GAS meaning?

It has nothing to do with Christmas sprouts!


Me too! =)

In all seriousness I did buy several guitars last year and am trying to not buy any at all this year!

I think I’ll reward myself next year by buying a guitar next January if I can stick to it. :wink:

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Guitar acquisition syndrome.


As much as I do go into guitar shops and enjoy playing all sorts of their stock, I’ve done fairly well in suppressing my gas. If only I could find a way to suppress the form of gas that afflicts those who don’t play guitar.

Only 363 days to go !!

You know what GAS is backwards ?

Send Another Guitar.

GAS and SAG guaranteed when you get to a certain age,



Love it!

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Nice one Tony. I did buy one, but sold another one, so everything is balanced as it should :sweat_smile:

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:joy: :joy: :joy:

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Last year, in September, I successfully resisted the temptation to buy an electric guitar to celebrate my first guitarversary and my birthday. I made a deal with myself: not to buy a guitar, till I’ve reached a certain level of playing. Nobody told me, that it’ll take so long :joy: I already hear voices calling my name, but I’ll resist :hear_no_evil:


Old, but hey ho… :wink:


I wished I"d had such common sense when I was first learning. I bought several guitars thinking my lack of ability was the gear. Only to realize that the lack of ability was that I needed to replace GAS with GPS - guitar playing syndrome.


LOVE it!!!

How many do you have ?

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Kind of asking about the known road, right??? (that’s the expression for this, … don’t ask what you already know)… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But just in case people don’t know the answer,because they had to buy there first…

…,…,…,…Not enough!!!,…,.,…



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GAS May have benefits according to some researchers


Haha, good question. I’ll add the qualification that I have several that were bought for a specific purpose…

2 what I’d call standard acoustic (with pickup) guitars. The Epiphone EF-500 is my daily play and it gets played a lot. It’s my campfire guitar as well. The other one is a custom made and it’s my stage guitar, it’s well suited to open mics / gigs.

1 travel guitar. Carbon fibre foldable Journey OF-660, have taken it overseas and locally on flights.

1 silent guitar. Yamaha. Great for playing while my wife sleeps in close proximity.

1 96 year old Harmony parlor guitar. Just because.

1 Squier precision bass. Bought it hoping I’d play it more. Nope, acoustic guitar is my overriding passion. I keep it because we have some great jams at our place and it’s handy for others to play.

1 Scrap-o-caster - Strat knock off. Bought it hoping I’d learn some great electric songs. I’m still hopeful in that regard, but have so much trouble making musical sounds. It’s much more different to acoustic than I expected.

I’m still looking for another standard acoustic guitar or two. I love the Epi but I fear one day it will succumb to an accident or other dreary fate and would like one that would fill a similar role. And another fancier looking guitar to only be played at home or special occasions.


Fantastic. That’s gold.

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