If you tolerate this then your children will be next

This is my first recording on the Tele (@brianlarsen as requested Mr Larsen, I aim to please :smiley: ) and also my first recording using the F chord.

I find the F is starting to get a little easier to land on changes but I’ve noticed when watching that they are still a little slow.

I’d like to say it was a one take but it took me ages to work out how to get stereo on the guitar, as it was just coming through one side on my headphones. I used OSB for the recording.

All comments and critiques welcome and thanks for watching. :slight_smile:


Nice job Stefan. I’m a big fan of the Manics and we have this one on the bands setlist so I play it a lot. Sounds like you’d got it pretty spot on both vocally and guitar. A little bit of hesitancy switching across to that F occasionally but nothing that wont sort itself out with more practice. It’s a tricky one to sing as the phrasing of the lyrics isn’t easy.

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Nice! :blush: Enjoyed listening and singing along! Thanks! :grinning:

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Hey man… sounds good! I have to say I have never heard this song before but I dig it and I just watched the band perform it as a result of your video. Your recording is great. I am very interested to know your setup (microphones, camera, software, etc.). I think your guitar playing is actually pretty good and on par with what the song is going to require to sound good. Your rhythm is quite good and you are driving the beat well with your strumming. Yeah there are a few mistakes here and there in the changes that you will clean up with time. I would consider trying to figure out how to mute the lower strings on some of the chords as those are ringing out quite obviously in sections. You have a good voice. Don’t be afraid to stretch it and really go after the dynamics of the song. The choruses (especially the last one) want to be nearly screamed and I think finding that edge is important to the integrity of the song. Finally… this is purely a technical thing… I think the intonation of your guitar may be a bit off. It sounds like some chords are coming through pretty well while others are a bit wonky. Intonation can be a real pain to deal with on Teles with the double string saddles but it is worth spending some time on it.

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Stefan, you are coming on leaps and bounds! I hadn’t heard that song in a very long time. You did it justice. As for the F Chord changes that will improve the more you practice. Well done mate.

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Great work Stefan
I’d never know you were struggling to hit the F chord. Sounds amazing to me. You’ve really nailed the rythmn on that. It’s one of my favourite manic songs although I think it’s a cover.
My only comment would be I’d like to hear your voice a bit more over the guitar. You can obviously sing

Great work :+1:

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Some great stuff here man, I see a lot of potential!
I loved the rhythm and vibe you kept on the guitar throughout the whole song, and vocally you seem to get more into it as it went along.

I’d advice you to keep at it with the voice, you got some nice pipes there.


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:clap: Stefan you and this performance are crowd pleasers for sure. The time you’ve been putting into polishing chord changes, rhythm and groove and a cruisy vocal all blend together into a good recording.

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@SgtColon So much good to commend here. Smooth strumming, a good vibe and tempo maintained and the chord changes were landing in a clean and timely manner. Singing too! :slight_smile:
As is my wont, I shall offer a few suggestions as I see and hear them.
You’re playing a lot of 6-string chords (G, Em, F) yet I’m hearing and seeing a lot of action concentrated on the top four strings. Through the song this creates a singular dynamic and I’m missing out on some bass to accent the beats and punctuate some of the story being told in the song.
Speaking of dynamic … Now you have the E-shape barre chord running along nicely, you have an option to also learn the A-shape 5-string minor barre chord and for the Dm, Am, G section you could play that asthree barre chords at frets 5 then 3 respectively. That wold really make a change in emphasis and bring a shift in dynamic to that section of the song.
Bravo and kudos Sgt.



Well done Stefan, that was really good. It’s a great song and you did it justice. Fast steady strumming and an excellent vocal. I thought your barre F was good, a bit more practice and you’ll have it nailed.

I’m impressed with the tone you achieved. When I play open chords on my electric they all merge together in a muddy mess. It’s the reason I’ve never posted an AVoYP song playing electric.

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That was really good, in my mind you will do more than fine on the next OM. Nice and steady, ready to shine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: all the best.

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Sounding good Stefan (I started this comment soon after you posted but got waylaid)
You’re welcome (for the listen) :wink:
That tele is casting such buttery tones, I could do with a scotch :roll_eyes:
I would have thought a mic that size shoved into the side of your head would have picked up your voice a bit better :rofl:
What a marathon strumming session, but you held on well.
Are you playing the D chord with your pinky?
Seriously, you’re flying along in your progress. That just tells me you’re enjoying it, which is great.
You and @tony better another tune to play at the OM, but kudos to both of you for uploading here with showtime approaching.

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

A pleasure to listen and thanks for playing and sharing, Stefan.

Lots and lots to like there, just keep doing what you’re doing.

I’m just curious about how you recorded the guitar, the role of the headphones.

Now you have OBS working with camera and audio, you can take a look at the post on how to feed the video and audio from OBS to have that as an option.

Bravo, Vimes and Carrot would be well pleased.

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Well done, really enjoyed listening and watching.

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Nice job, Sarge! I see great happiness for you as you continue your guitar journey.

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@SgtColon really enjoyed this! I’m a big Manics fan and I think you nailed this tune. Hard to sing and play some of those chords, maybe I’ll have a crack at it someday.

A song about the rise of Spanish nationalism in the 1930’s and it still rings true to this day!

Bravo! Keep them coming :smiley:

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Good stuff Stefan. Strumming looked very good, you got the feel of the song, and your voice was good too. Thanks for sharing :clap: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Stephan,
Nice Tele you have there. You play it pretty well and the singing that follows is good stuff. Nicely done and sounds good to my ears.

All the rock’n best,

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Good one, Stefan. You did really well. I can relate concerning the barre chords, but I’m sure you will get there with the F. I wasn’t familiar with this song or the band. I liked it, so listened to Manic Street Preachers performing. Also read about the disappearance of band member Richey Edwards. So sad.

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Thank you everyone for the positive comments and the constructive ones. :slight_smile:

@Rossco01, Jason, thanks. You are right on the phrasing, it took me a few listens to the Manic’s to get them somewhere near. I still struggle with the opening line though, that one is really hard. The Manic’s are a great band.

@ohmygato, Dan, thanks. My setup is for the mic and guitar is a Focusrite 2i2 that is plugged into my laptop and it’s the webcam that comes with my laptop and that is it. I used the OSB software to do the recording, all with just the standard setup that comes with the install. I’ve not really taken a dive into setting up settings within the software. Thanks, I think I need to start standing up to do my recording then I’m not squashing up my diaphragm. How to I tackle the intone? It that adjusting the pickups themselves?

@Strummer_of_69, Jason, thanks. I think I need to start playing with the setup on the equipment, as I’ve really not done anything with it.

@Richard_close2u, Richard, thanks. I hadn’t even noticed I was missing strings and I think it might just be something to do with my electric playing but I’ll be keeping an eye on this and will work on rectifying . I’ll have a look into the barre chords to get them under my belt. I’ll use this song and recording as a reference as I start to progress down the barre chord route.

@sairfingers, Gordon, thanks. I have to say, it’s only just starting to come together on my electric. The strumming used to awful and I really didn’t like strumming on it.

@brianlarsen, Brian, thanks. I love my Tele. I can’t remember who recommended it but a big THANK YOU! goes to them. :rofl: I need to have a play with the mic settings as it wasn’t that far away from my face, so I must not have set something up correctly. Yes, I use my pinky to play the Dm chord, I blame Britney Spears. :smiley:

@DavidP, David, thanks. The guitar was plugged into the 2i2 and my first few recording, on listen back, it was only coming through the righthand side of my headphones. I did some tinkering in OSB and managed to sort it out. Do you know if you can set effects on the guitar when it is plugged into the 2i2 and using OSB?

@CYPGMB, Iain, thanks. I didn’t know it was about Spanish nationalism. I’ve always wondered what it was about. Every day is a school day.