I'm So Tired (My second original song)

Hello everyone! I’ve been hard at work on my goal of releasing one original song per month and I have officially just released my second song!

I’d love if you could give it a listen and provide any feedback you have :slight_smile:

Here is where you can listen to the song online:



The song sounds good. I generally liked the arrangement.

A pleasing build in dynamics into the chorus. Perhaps the arrangement could go even softer/more minimal in the post-chorus?

From a mix perspective, my preference would be to lift the level of the vocal a few dB, I think it was somewhat over-powered by the instruments. But that is highly subjective and dependent on what you were aiming for overall.

I notice the master level for the YT release is 4.5dB over their norm. If not aware of that you can read this post I wrote about it.

Look forward to next month’s release.

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Thank you so much for your feedback!

Yeah Justin always talks about how dynamics are a great way to keep listeners engaged so I tried to do that! It’s good to know that you think that I can try to be more aggressive with the dynamics!!

And whoa I was not aware of that! Thank you for the resource! This is extremely helpful!

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That was very enjoyable Danyall.

It had a Radiohead feel to it, for me.

I agree with David, your voice could do with coming up a bit.

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Thank you!! I could die happy if I ever wrote a song half as good as Radiohead!!

And thanks! Yeah I’ll try to work on the vocal level in the mix! I think I was aiming for a “perceived loudness” and I thought bringing up the band would do that, but perhaps it makes it hard to follow the main melody then!

Danyaal, as I said in my first reply overall the master was too loud for YouTube (not an issue on some other channels).

My suggestion would be to ensure the mix sounds balanced aznd then add a compressor and limiter on the master track to fine tune the final full mix and achieve the target loudness. I suggest watching Reaper Kenny Gioia Tutorials - #12 by TheMadman_tobyjenner the video in this post to learn more. Irrespective of the DAW you are using, the concepts he describes are universal.

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Sounded good to me. It’s definitely night music to play before bed. I’m a guy that listens to ocean waves and thunder storms leading up to bed time, so this would fit right in. Not everything needs to be dance music or happy little pop cover tunes. Yeah, a lot to like here, but it does harken back to the Beatles track of the same name. Glad I grabbed a listen. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, a lot to like here, but it does harken back to the Beatles track of the same name.

Yes!! I very much was trying to channel the Beatles and pay homage to that specific song!! I’m so glad that you picked up on that! :raised_hands:

And thank you so much! Writing a song about the lack of energy is definitely against the grain of most songwriting sensibilities for popular music, but it doesn’t make it any less good.