In 2023 we mourn the death & celebrate the life of

Michael Rhodes, Session Bassist extraordinaire aged 69 a sad loss!

Robin Lumley, co-founding Brand X member. Now they were a good band!

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So no Brand X fans in the forum?

Their first album (Unorthodox Behaviour) is quite good. Parts of it seem to be extensions of shorter pieces on Eno’s Another Green World, also featuring Phil Collins and Percy Jones.

Here’s an interview he gave to Rolling Stone shortly after his sentencing: When the Voices Took Over

This is some heavy stuff. It’s a miracle he was able to play on so many great things as he did.

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Nog a guitarist, but still worth sharing the death of one of the world’s best saxophonists, Wayne Shorter.
He was a professional jazz musician since the 1950s. He lived a very musical life.
We love you Wayne Shorter!