JGC Open Mic XV / 15 - Call For Interest

And if it makes you feel any better Alexis, I now feel like I’m galloping up diarrhoea drive without a saddle but it’s something I know I have to conquer. I can’t let my fear win this one.


I don’t know how Alexis will feel but you’ve made me feel heaps better! :joy:


Can I just remind folk to take into account DST time changes in respect if of the show date
15th April and the respective UTC change that will be applied. I’ve adjusted those so far, who have provided their current UTC zone but cannot guarantee to catch all of them. Especially if you have moved location or country. I can only go by what has been said in your Intro or if mentioned on your profile page.

If you are unsure

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Can I have an audience place again please Toby?

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Yes please, to perform, if space available in April.
(Audience last week)
UTC +1 (BST)



Please refer to my comments in the OM XIV CFI, as you are yet to meet the required critiera.

Unless of course I have missed something when I checked your Summary.

Please can I be in the audience Toby? It’s a first for me. Scared of the tech but determined to sort that. I am in the UK and I think I will be UTC +1 (but I’m not 100% sure even though I’ve just spent half an hour googling UST and BST! :grimacing:) Thanks very much. :grin:

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Sure, I don’t have a song yet, but it’s a good while away still…
Here’s my :tophat:
Independent Republic of Merseyside,
Currently UTC,
UTC + 1 on the date… Take your pick :wink:


Like I said WTZ :rofl:

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Latest confirmation of those placed in the Performers pot.


Audience seats confirmed for


:rofl: Love this idea, Adi! :rofl:

:thinking: I wonder if it would work the same for an in-person OM? Perhaps inviting 30-40 strangers around to my house and then just treating it like a normal practice session? Hmmm Shelley might not be too pleased with that though! :grimacing: :joy:


After reading others’ in the UK, I’m realising I’ll also be in UTC+1.

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Already had you covered Serhat but thanks for your correction. 55 years in the UK gives me a bit of previous ! :rofl:

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I’d like to be put down for a performer spot. (and also happy to step aside for debuts)

I’ve got some upcoming travel plans - returning the day before the event. I think I’ll pick my song accordingly!

I would probably screw up my UTC time ( BC Canada) - so I am going to trust that @Jenndye429 did the work correctly :slight_smile: = UTC-7.


Assuming they were a mask reminding of camera lense I am sure you would be fine :rofl:


Hi Toby, audience please, will be UTC+1 I think (UK)

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Hi Toby. I’d like to be part of the audience for this one please. Just finished watching the last OM video, which had many great performances… so I think it would be cool to see the next one live if possible.
UTC +10 Sydney, Aus

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Well, you won’t have missed much. :slightly_smiling_face:
I have posted up this evening in the AVOYP area; hopefully in the right place.
Not finding this space the most intuitive to use but I guess it will become easier to use over time.


It sure will ! Even I get lost some days :rofl: Anyway cool that you’ve have shared a recording. And I suspect as an OM newbie there will be a strong chance you’ll make the cut, so you better get practicing.

OK counting in todays updates.

Added to the Performer Pot :


Theatre seats confirmed :