JustinGuitar YouTube Community Livestream :)

Nah that would be boring, I am going all in as usual, all or nothing (not this one!) :rofl:

Not the greatest start of the countdown for me - broken string on day 0 and realized I have no spare sets on day 1! :grimacing: well better now than during the night, will just have to switch guitars while I wait for new strings - happy days!

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Btw what is going to be the format? Justin introduces a performer and we just crack on or do we nedd to prepare a speech? Post show chat about the performance or we just step aside to give space to another performer?

You’ll be waiting a long time (not this livestream :joy:)

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oh go on. Eruption. On your Maton. go on go on

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Maybe I should learn the first 4 bars or something… Oh dang, it’s in Eb and my Maton is tuned to E standard, can’t do it :person_shrugging:

Great comment David.

Practice is the time for pushing your limits.

Performance is the time for playing within them.

In terms of public performance, you are better off playing a simple song well than playing a complicated song badly.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Fair enough Adrian. And I think you put such effort into your learning and preparation that by the time showtime arrives you are in your comfort zone or at least in the swan state ie looking cool, calm, collected as you perform but (maybe) the nerves are jangling, like a serene swan’s webbed feet thrashing below the water :joy:

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Woooh! How poetic :heart_eyes: :joy:
Now I have picture in my head, next time when I get nervous…

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Not even a little outburst? :joy:

Not much longer to express an interest in performing.

What time is that American time

@Richard_close2u Hi Richard, I need to withdraw unfortunately. I hurt my wrist and can’t fret anything at the moment. Out of action for at least 3 weeks I think. I will join as an audience member if that works.


Hi Rod - I’m really sorry to hear that and what a shame for you and the audience. Heal soon and hopefully your hand will be up and at it soon - perhaps for an Open Mic event.

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@John_in_Dot @LievenDV

Any thoughts on wishing to be considered for a performer slot?

Please can you make a decision today?

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Hey @Richard_close2u, I’m happy to participate in case you need more performers.


@elevatortrim Thanks Serhat, your name is now on the list.

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Any more?

Today is your last chance to put your name forward and be placed on the potential performer list.


The deadline is just a few hours away.


Thanks, Richard

Deadline now closed.

We have:

@John_in_Dot ?
@LievenDV ?


The two polished performances is a bit more than I can commit to at this point. Got a few summer projects I need to get done and the temptation to put them off and spend time practicing would be too great.

I’ll be retiring soon and can then get more involved in these great opportunities.

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