JustinGuitar YouTube Community Livestream :)

Brevity is king haha

Was the first JG YouTube OM recorded and available to watch?
I did search but didn’t come up with anything.

There should be a link somewhere to a private video on yt.

Open Mic Livestream 02 - Xmas Bash - After-Show Party & Chat

Open Mic Livestream: Recording + After-Show Party & Chat


I am a little confused on where to watch as an audience. Will it be from Justin’s YouTube channel, or do I sign in though streamyard.

Sorry, I don’t want to miss and couldn’t find info in thread.


Adi has linked to each separately.

All live streams and OMs are collated in this single archive topic also.

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Good question for anyone new to these …
hosted on JustinGuitar Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@justinguitar


Justin and Laryne have both been busy all week at a residential workshop in Canada so I have been waiting until they return home to ask this.
I’m sure @larynejg will be doing some kind of promo on socials.

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Sorry to keep nagging, but I do want to get these asap please.





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On it Richard, sorry for the delay.
I’ll send you a DM in in the next few minutes.

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Sorry I must have missed this. Yes I’ll get on it ASAP

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50 words was a challenge even for me, can’t imagine how hard it would have been for the more verbose among us!



FAO all people wanting to watch the Live Stream in just under 24 hours from now.

Go here.



Have fun peeps and enjoy yourselves. Not sure if I’ll be watching live, with family over but may drop in. If not catch you on the rebound.

Rock on !!



Good luck to all performers! I’m sure, all of you will do a great job. Very likely can’t join the audience due to other committments, but hopefully will see and hear you recorded soon! Have a lot of fun :heart: :partying_face:


Unfortunately, our flight back to Blighty coincides with the show. To all performers: Break a leg! Looking forward to the recording.

To all the people who are going to perform tonight,
You will be stuck in “healthy” tension now :smiley:. I wish you all lot of fun , you will create an experience in your life that you will not forget soon :sunglasses:…and do not forget that you are playing for the good name of Justinguitar’s :blush: :laughing:, I don’t want to put pressure or so :innocent:
Once again lots of fun :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :clap:
:guitar: :microphone: :notes: :musical_note:


We will be traveling during the show, but are looking forward to watching the video later. Have fun!

Break a leg to all the performerst today/night/morning! :crazy_face: Wish you loads of fun and an effective way to handle the nerves well enough. :smiley:

I’ll be grabbing some nice drink and just enjoy the show tonight! Keep my fingers crossed for all of you and am a little excited as well! :slight_smile: