Knockin' on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan - cover

As I won’t perform at the next OM (I’m going on holiday :smiley:), I thought of recording a AVOYP instead.

Last week my honey suggested this song to me, I gave it a try, and now I love it :blush:.

My strumming has some hiccups, and I’m not always keeping the speed. Actually, I was really surprised, that it’s played at 140 BPM :hushed:. If concentrating on Dylan’s singing, it sounds so much slower.

I used Justin’s song lesson, in which he introduced embellishments. I tried to incorporate them in my version, too. But it’s learning in progress :slightly_smiling_face:.

Any comments, advice, and feedback are highly welcome :hugs:.


That was great Nicole. Love playing this song and as you say its actually a lot faster than you expect it to be. Some nice little touches added as per the JS tut and it was sung really well. Personally I’d like the vocals a little higher in the mix but appreciate that is not easily done with your recording method (from what I recall). Nicely done. :+1:


Brilliant :clap: I’ve come to realise that learning this song is a rite of passage for us guitar players. You played it wonderfully :+1: have a great time on your holidays :v:

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Think that was brilliant Nicole!! I think your strumming is just fine. Nicely played and sung!!
Cant belive i have never played this amazing classic before :see_no_evil: i will give it a try now… its a really cool song!

Well done Nicole :+1:

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Well performed, Nicole. You moved the song along nicely and added in some embellishments. Super!

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Nicole, That was lovely, thanks for sharing. You really made it your own :+1:That’s one of three songs I play on a regular basis.

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Very well done, I too am surprised it is so many beats per minute. I do love the GnR version of this.
I have tried playing this and can get through it but not at that many bpm.
Very well done :slight_smile:

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That was beautiful, Nicole! Really enjoyed both your playing and singing! Well done! :clap: :star_struck:

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Well Nicole,

Yeahhhh… :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:

The only thing I can add…what I miss is a campfire where we sit together with a bunch of people from this club around us :smiley:

Really nice done :sunglasses: :clap:



Whoop! Whoop! super stuff Nicole, I really enjoyed your version of this one. Solid strumming and singing, I didn’t hear any hiccups in the strumming. I also like the commitment, throwing out an AVOYP because you’ll not make the OM. Sweet!

Have a lovely holiday wherever you’re going. :slight_smile:

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Great version Nicole. Well played and sung and the chord embellishments worked well.

Now wouldn’t that be fun. :smiley:


Although I’m not late to the party, all the early birds have said all the important bits, so I’ll just add my applause, clap a little louder and join in with the traditional chant… “Zu-ga-be! Zu-ga-be!..” :wink:
Only thing no one has pointed out is how fast you have picked this up. One week? Even more impressive. Weiter so :smiley:

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This is part 1 of me replying to your wonderful comments. Part 2 will follow in the evening :blush:.

Thanks a lot Toby for your kind words :hugs:. It’s really a nice song to play.

Yes, this was recorded with my smartphone and I don’t have any software to ‘pimp up’ the recording. Let’s call it a very ‘natural production’ :sweat_smile:.

Lee, thanks so much for taking the time to listen to my little song. I’m glad, you like it :hugs:.

Hi Trond, thanks for your feedback. It’s very much appreciated :blush:.

Same with me. What a shame that I haven’t thought of playing this fantastic song myself :face_with_peeking_eye:.

Thanks John for the listen and kind comment. I’m glad you like my first attempts of using embellishments :smiley:.

Hello Roch, thanks a lot for your kind feedback.

I’m certain, this song will also become part of my favourites :star_struck:.

Hi Gary, I’m glad you liked my version of this song :hugs:.

Me too, but it would have been way too difficult for me right now :slightly_smiling_face:.


Fantastic, :slight_smile:

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Sounds beautiful Nicole ! Love it. Thanks for sharing !

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Bravo, Nicole. A fine performance as already shared. All I can add to that is to note how well controlled your pinky is on the fretting hand … never flying around, tucked in close to the ring-finger, ready for embelishing when the opportunity presents.

Advice … keep doing what you are doing!

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A bit late, but here is part 2 of my reply :blush::

Hello Jeff, thanks a lot for taking the time to listen to my song. I’m so glad you liked it :hugs: .

Rogier, what a nice reply :smiley:. Thanks a lot.

What a wonderful idea :star_struck: . You know, one of the main reasons I started learning to play the guitar was to be able to play at camp fires. And as the camp fire season is starting soon, I needed a nice song to enrich my (poor :smile:) repertoire. KoHD is an absolutely perfect one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Hi Stefan, thanks so much for your kind reply!!

Yeah, I really wanted to do that. Showing I’m not lazy :sweat_smile: .

Hello Gordon, thanks a lot for taking a listen and for your kind words. I really appreciate it :hugs: . I’m glad, the embellishments worked well :blush: .

Servus Brian, vielen Dank für die Blumen :hugs:!

Yes, that’s indeed very untypical for me :sweat_smile:. Normally, it takes months before I’m ready to perform a new song. But to be honest, this one wasn’t too difficult. Neither the strumming nor the chords. Short lyrics. And even the required voice range was quite okay for me. The only new thing I had to work on a bit were the embellishments.
But I’m really happy that I could enrich my little repertoire so quickly with this beautiful song :blush: .

@Libitina @BigLuc
Hello Rachel and Luc, thanks so much for listening to my song and the kind comments :hugs:.

Hi David, thanks a lot for your motivating words. They are very much appreciated :smiley:.

That’s definitely nice to hear. Pinky workout is a fixed part of my daily routine. I’m still not there where I’d like to be, but it’s great to hear that at least first successes are observable :grinning:.


Well played Nicole. Very enjoyable. Good steady rhythm, and clean chording.

Cheers, Shane

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Hi Nicole, another very enjoyable performance. Very nicely played and sung. I didn’t notice the hiccups, felt as if you were strumming very consistently and maybe even more important, you drove the song along. Having mastered the song to this level within only a week is great, even if it might be not a very difficult song, as you say, but having everything on point takes time, so :clap: :clap: :clap:! I wish you a lot of fun for your holidays. Do you take the guitar with you? I really missed mine during my last holidays in August 22. And I’m courious to see the new addition to your collection, read elswhere, that you got a second electric!

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Hi Nicole, that was great. Very well played and sung. Lot’s of great feedback. As you say a lot faster than you expect it to be… it may be worth looking at applying the weak finger G chord for economy of movement when changing from the C to G… Looking forward to your next recording.

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