Lisa's first AVOYPs - June 2023 (Anchorage, Good Riddance, WYWH)

If you ever plan to visit Vienna, just let me know. I’ll grab my acoustic and show you some lovely places where we could settle down and play. The singing part will be yours, of course :blush:.

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Wow, Lisa! You truly have the ability to go far with your talent. I enjoyed listening to each song and watching you play and sing.

This is the first time I’ve listened to you and it’s nice to meet you. I went
back and read your earlier posts too. It was a nice read and I’m looking forward to hearing more from you.

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Aaaaw, ladies and gentlemen - you all are just so sweet, each and every one of you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Jeff, thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot to me. :smiley: Couldn’t think of a bigger compliment than owning a song and make it likeable to someone, who’s never heard it before. :star_struck:

That would be awesome, bring some others along and we all can jam and drink a pint or two! :sunglasses: :beers: We could create some awesome acoustic metal sound after a couple of glasses. :metal: :rofl:


Thanks a lot, Mark - appreciated! :slight_smile: Glad you liked it and I guess, you’re right. We will never get 100 % used to watch us back, but it’ll get better for sure! :slight_smile:


I will, but I need some adjustment to the plan: We BOTH play and sing! I know you sing fine as well (Knocking on Heavens Door just did not lie! :sunglasses:). :smiley:


Thank you so much for your supportive and kind words, Pamela! I really appreciate you took your time listening and reading and sending such positive vibes! :smiley: I’m still catching up with all the things going on here and in the LL-sections, so now am even more excited to read/hear from you as well! :slight_smile:


Wow Lisa, those were terrific! I’m just learning the chords to Good Riddance and the intro to WYWH, both of which I thought you played great. I was impressed with the fingerpicking and strumming you did on Good riddance, and the strumming on WYWH. I’d figured out the fingerpicking notes of the first bars of Good Riddance but haven’t utilized them throughout the song like you did. Similarly, I really liked your strumming on WYWH. Seeing these videos were quite an inspiration for me. Thank you! Great job!

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Thanks a lot for your kindness, John! I’m happy to inspire you a little. :smiley: I wouldn’t have learnt these 2 songs in this way without Justin’s awesome song tutorials - thanks a lot to the Master himself by the way. :sweat_smile:
You’ll see, soon you’ll be playing these two on your on, fine way and I’m looking forward to hear your renditions someday! Good luck and loads of fun on your guitar-journey! :smiley:

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Yeah that would be so fun eh?!! :guitar: :beers: :partying_face: Somehow, at some point in the future, we need to make this happen!! A JG Community in-person social get together and jam! I’d better start saving for the airfares! :money_with_wings: :money_mouth_face: :sweat_smile:

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Congratulations on your first AVOYP postings Lisa, they were fantastic. You should be proud of all three of those, wonderful work. Strumming, chord changes, timing and sound were really good.

I’m looking forward to what you are going to share next.

Also, I hope you enjoyed your pizza. :smiley:

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What a great debut Lisa, well done. You really can play that guitar! With your playing and singing voice, you have to keep posting videos so that we can listen to them.

Re stage fright, here is what I found. Recording and publishing on this group is the first step. Playing in front of a small group of friends is next. Then the final step is play in front of a large group of friends. Remember they are friends so they will support you.

If you can have a friend join you ‘on stage’ as well, it really helps. You are not alone then and you can bounce off each other, though this is not always possible unfortunately.

Keep up the good work, you sound great.

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Great debut performance @Lisa_S really difficult to fault and I would be pretty happy to play songs at that level even today! very good indeed. Look forward to hearing more soon.

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What on earth were you so nervous about, so good, really.



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Folks, I can’t say “Thank you” more than enough! eEch and every time I come back into this thread I’m flabbergasted in a very heartwarming, positive way. If that makes any sense at all. :sweat_smile:


That would be awesome, Jeff! We should organize some crowdfunding then for all of us. :rofl: :money_mouth_face: :sunglasses:


Thank you so much for checking in, Stefan! I appreciate your kind words a lot! :slight_smile: Not sure, what to so next. I thought of a song I just started to learn or picking up something completely new? :thinking:

Oh yes, I did! It was delicious! We checked out an Italian restaurant we haven’t tried before and it was definitely worth it. :smiley:


Tony, thanks a lot for your kind and encouraging words, it means a lot to me! :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s a very good step-by-step approach. :+1: Ironically, I did all of these things before during my teenage years and very early 20s… I kinda lost it, but climbing up that hill again. I will be performing 1-2 songs for my mom’s birthday in August in front of a lot of people… :cold_face: :melting_face: I will survive! :rofl:


Thanks so much, Jason! Appreciate your kind words and from what I’ve seen/heard so far, you’re doing great, too! :smiley:


Aaaw, thank you so much Rachel! :grinning: It’s astonishing how you always seem to find the right words, put that into one happy little sentence and make me feel better (and hopefully less nervous for next runs) instantly. This is an awesome skill! :smiley:

Thanks so much to all of you great people in here and the community! :heart:


Lisa, good luck with your upcoming gig. Once you start it will all come back to you and you will love it.

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I don’t know the first 2 songs so I can only assume you played them well, but I thought you did great on Wish You Were Here, one of my all-time favorite songs.

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Thanks very much, Rebecca - appreciate your kind words on my rendition of Wish you were here. :slight_smile:
Regarding Good Riddance: It won’t take you to long to discover this tune. It was one of the suggested songs for the stuck 3&4-chords in Grade 2. So guess very soon you’ll get to know it, too. :smiley:

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Really impressive Lisa. Especially loved the Floyd!

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Thanks a lot, Neil. Glad you liked my WYWH-version. :slight_smile:

Hi Lisa,

A bit late to the party with regards to commenting. Though I did watch all three videos when you posted them. It was a most enjoyable break from work. I must have got distracted before commenting. You certainly had no need to be nervous, all three recordings were superb. The first song I’ve never heard before so it was a real treat to be introduced to something new.

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Thank you so much for your kind words, James! :slight_smile: I’m glad it made an enjoyable break from work instead of pushing you right back to it. :rofl:
Cool that I could introduce you (and some others) to something new, I had hoped so. Vice versa, I’m always happy to be introduced to some new songs as well, and with so many folks around here from all over the world, it’s likely to happen. :smiley:

Just took a second listen through these and have to say they are all impressive performances. Nice playing and vox and you make that 12 string sing, although I really like the guitar on Good Riddance too.

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Thanks a lot, Dave, your kind words are appreciated. :slight_smile:

The 12-string is just amazing on her own, but also my old Cort has something. Age did her well, I think and we just grew together. :smiley: