Locked out of the main site!

This is not how I had envisioned my very first post here (I’ve been around a while here and just had never gotten around to posting an introduction). Anyway, I guess you have to take what life throws your way :sweat_smile:

I just tried to visit my account on the main justinguitar.com site to try to do a practice session and saw that it had autologged me out. It wasn’t surprising, since I’ve noticed that if I haven’t visited it in a few days (even if I click “remember me”), it seems to do that.

However, today when I tried to log in it said “Incorrect email or password.”. I was somewhat mortified to see that, as I’m virtually certain that it was the same email and password that I’ve had on my account for a little over 2 years now. I tried to do a password reset, but it didn’t work, as I have sort of a special situation with the email.

Is there an admin here who is also an admin for the main site and who would be willing to help me and who I could DM with here?

I feel really fortunate that, although obviously the main site and the community forum are linked, that they use separate logons, or at least separate cookies, and so thus I was still logged in here and can communicate this way.

Anyway, now that I’ve ‘broken the seal’ on my first post, so to speak, I will introduce myself properly here very soon and get more involved socially! :grin:

I feel so grateful for Justin and what he has created here, not only with all his lessons, but also for the community he has created and inspired. He is truly a hero of mine.

Thank you in advance so much for any help you can offer me! :blush:

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Try going to the website now that you’ve logged in here. I have found that if you logo in the website you still need to logo in here but if you log in here first you are logged into the web site automatically.
If that doesn’t work @Richard_close2u can hopefully help reset everything for you.

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Oh interesting, I didn’t know that was the case! Previously, I had always gone to the main website first, and then came here via the link in the Explore->Interact tab. In any case, trying to go to the main site now is not working for me. But that could be because I had (perhaps foolishly, lol) deleted my main site cookies in between login attempts on it. So I perhaps the fact that I had deleted my cookies is causing the autologin from here to the main site not to work.

Thanks for your reply!

I found this out by accident. I used to log into the main site then click the link to here and had to log in again. Once I didn’t log in on the main site just clicked the link to the forum and logged in. When I went back to the site welcome window was still up so I clicked on the Justin Guitar logo and it took me to my dashboard without logging in.


If I can help I will, or refer it on.


Thanks, Richard! I’ll DM you, if you don’t mind :slightly_smiling_face:

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No problem

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