Major Scale Pattern 1, Major Scale Maestro 1

Let's explore Pattern 1 of the Major Scale and start jamming with it!

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In practicing Major Scale Pattern 1, my ‘mistakes’ almost come with my right hand missing a string or hitting the wrong string especially with alternate picking. (I have the pattern well memorized). Any suggestion or lesson I might look at to help with the right hand in general.

Hi @Sadler and welcome to the community.
If your fretting hand fingers know what to do and where to go then a simple approach here is to employ your eyes and look carefully at your picking hand. Plus, as in so many things, do it very slow so that you can do it correctly. Learn and practice it correctly and you will continue to be able to do it correctly. Practice makes permanent so practice perfectly.
Cheers :blush:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide & Moderator

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What Richard says is probably the only way to do this. You need to teach your picking hand which new strings start with a downstoke and which ones you have to lift over in order to start with an upstroke. The only way is to start slowly and build it up over time.

Did you have the same problem in Module 10 when we were taught to play the C Major scale in the open position? I know I did. Slowing it down and repetition got me through it.

Alternate Picking C Major

Without wanting to overcomplicate matters I did see a video of a teacher advising his student to dismiss what his fretting hand is telling his left hand to do and mute the strings whilst picking through a pattern thus isolating the picking hand. That to me seemed over the top but it is harder than you think lol.

I have this exact problem! So you’re not alone with this.

Also trying to improvise to Justin’s jamtrack in G is seeming to be quite overwhelming.

It’s not easy to see that I’m gonna get any decent riffs out of scale improvisations any time soon. If ever, to be honest :see_no_evil:

But I guess there’s not much more to do than trying and trying and hope some day something is going to click, and it starts to sound like music.


I don’t wanna learn those stupid scales :crying_cat_face:

Hi @Riku
Check this out for inspiration. Guitar Challenge (Improv) - Acoustic Pop in G Major (Justin Sandercoe backing track)

Thanks for the link Richard!

I’m sure that’s going to be helpful for me.

Is it just me, or do others of you find it hard to follow the revised course? For example, this set of lessons is supposedly in Grade 4, but if you go to the Intermediate Grade 4 page, it’s not there at all. I found it by accident when I moved on to Intermediate Grade 5 and it was referred to in a lesson there. I contrast this with the original course, where everything seemed to flow from one lesson to the next in a logical manner, and all the units and all the lessons within a unit were accounted for and easy to find. Or am I missing something really important about the course structure?

I stand corrected. I found this unit in Grade 4. But I’m still confused. How do I integrate the new lessons into the old? Where does this set of lessons fit in with, say, old Intermediate Foundations 1 and 2. FYI, what I’m trying to do is review the entire intermediate course before moving on to the advanced course, but I can’t figure out what order to do that in. Again, am I missing something? Is there a new lesson plan somewhere that takes everything into account?

Justin is redoing the whole course. The old intermediate
foundation 1-2 are in grade 4 along with the new grade 4 lessons.
Each new module is it’s own course so it doesn’t matter what
order yiu do them in.
He is redoing grade 3 right now so it may be a good idea to
check those lessons out as well.

Hey folks, I’ve got a question regarding the alternate picking. Justin recommends to always alternate between up and down picks. I noticed that I tend to be more effective when using two down picks in a row, if I move up a string(For example A to D String). It’s the same for me when going down(higher) the strings, I use more up picks. Hope you’re with me, up and down confused me quite a bit :smiley:

You teaching yourself a bad habit that will be very hard to break.
Try saying Down Up Down Up out loud when practicing.
Do it slow with no mistake and in a few days it will become natural. Justin teaches everything for a reason that may not be clear to you right now but when you are further down the road you won’t be struggling to break a bad habit you picked up.

I find doing this scale repetitively (~10time) my hand on the pinky and ring finger when hitting the low E and A strings notes hurts/feels a pinch a long the metacarpal,(area on hand below the finger on the side of palm before wrist.). As any such pinch can’t be good looking to elminate it. my thumb for the scale is normally behind the 1st and 2nd finger on back side of neck on upper portion (towards playesr face about E string) . if I reorient my thumb lower about D string and splayed out towards the head/tuners (beyond 1st finger) then the metacarpal seems to slide outwards (away from the player on bottom of neck) and the pinch feeling goes away. Is this normal /common to have to adjust thumb through the scale? or perhaps I am just stubby and inflexible :slight_smile: .Thanks all!