Mal (+ Daughter Lara) - July 2022 - 4-Non Blondes What's Up


Terrific stuff Mal, what a gift to be able to play and sing with your daughter. Your voices blended together beautifully and you were clearly having a load of fun.
The guitars sounded great together. I couldn’t quite see due to the angles but were you playing different chords but with a capo so you were in the same key?

Well done both of you. Get your daughter to join the Community too, we need to hear more duets from you. :smiley:

Loved that Mal. You were obviously having a ball! Great playing and singing from you both. Thanks for sharing.

Good stuff Mal, you two sound great together! Enjoyed that. :+1:t2:

Yes I was playing open and Lara was playing different chord grips with a capo. Thank you for the encouraging words, it was fun.

Glad you enjoyed it, we had fun doing it.

Pleased you enjoyed it, thanks.

It just doesn’t get any better than that, Mal. Bravo to you both. Loved the blend of the voices and the tones of the guitar to create a wonderful rich accompaniment.

Smart move to use the capo to change the tonality of your daughter’s guitar.

So much joy and happiness, loved the way you keep cycling through verses and choruses … let’s just stay in this moment forever more.

Yes we had fun doing this. The capo and open chords are a Justin suggestion from one of his lessons, as I recall.
Good feelings,

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Great stuff Mal and Lara, a lovely capture of Dad and Daughter playing and singing together. Big smiles and lots of applause here.

On the capo front - I love that you’re venturing down the path of trying one guitar open chords and one guitar capo chords to give a little something different. Might I suggest you try further experimentation. One great advantage of this approach is that the guitar with capo can be made to play chord shapes higher up the neck giving access to chord voicings containing higher notes, thus providing even greater separation between the two guitars and extra sonic richness.

You are playing open chords A, Bm7, D, A throughout and those are the actual chords that we hear from both of you. For Lara we need to talk about chord shapes and know that they always equate to the actual chords. Lara is capo at fret 2 and using the shapes of G, Am7, C, G.

Lara could try these options:

Capo at fret 5
E shape chord = A
F#m7 shape chord = Bm7
A shape chord = D

Capo at fret 7
D shape chord = A
Em7 shape chord = Bm7
G shape chord = D

Capo at fret 9
C shape chord = A
Dm7 shape chord = Bm7
F shape chord = D

This last option is moving into awkward territory where the fret spacing makes things difficult to play but might just be achievable.

If you want to explore this idea more - and I highly recommend you do if you and Lara are going to play together - then check out this topic. It is ideal for what you are doing. Using a capo to stay in the same key



Hi Richard thank you for the encouragement and some excellent suggestions for the capo, will certainly try these.
Thank you muchly

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Fantastic job Mal, you guys made it such an enjoyable cover! Hopefully one day you join Open Mic with your daughter to perform another dynamic duo! All the best Mal :slight_smile:

Hi Adi,
Pleased you enjoyed the show. Not a bad idea for an OM, will work on it. Thank you for the kind words.

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That was pure magic !! Well done Mal and Lara, loved it. Agree with @sairfingers get yer daughter to the forum asap !! Loved to hear more duets but be interested what Lara can do as a soloist.


Hi Toby, pleased you enjoyed the song, will speak with Lara and see what she says. Thanks for the encouragement.

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Lovely to see a family doing music together and having fun with it!

Hi Mal, that was a joy to watch you having a good jamming session with your daughter. It was a heart warming performance, a moment that you will both treasure for a long time. You both played and sang very well together. Bravo.

Thank you, yes it was fun.

Thank you, I am pleased you enjoyed the show, we had fun doing it.

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very enjoyable, well done. Good to see you having fun together