Hi everybody ! My first two AVOYP where one note at the time numbers since I couldn’t play chords at all. This is my first “playing chords number”. First weeks with you guys and learning E, A and D chords. Have a lot of fun!!! This is a song from the first Buffalo Springfield LP. December 1966. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH. I took the LP track and brought it into the Logic program. I doubled the high harmonics (E and B) and the low off beat rhythm, added two arpeggio tracks on each side and doubled the hand claps in the last part of the song. Good day !

Buffalo Springfield’s FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH


Looking and sounding good Luc, But I really had to concentrate to pick out your playing, even though you mention the layering, I think the backing track was a little too prominent. But all good from what I could make out. Well done.

Thanks Tobby ! Maybe an error. I thought to do it as if I was in the band. Thanks for the feed back.

Good job Luc. You managed to change the A and E chords with out looking. That a good habit to get into.

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Thank you Rick :exclamation: Not looking at my left hand is … difficult. When I practice not looking, I feel I’m like karate kid practicing blind with a big sand bag flying around his head :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy: Thank you for the feed back.

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Hi Luc

Love that Casino. Playing along to a track like that looks like fun I must try it, too

Hi Will :exclamation: I love the Casino sound. Think its the P-90 pick ups + the full hollow. It’s for this sound I bought especialy this guitar. I took the original track from the CD and draged it on the Logic Pro program. Then I added or doubled tracks. It’s fun to compare the original track wich was much more acoustic: ORIGINAL TRACK :grinning: :smile: :grin:

Sounded great Luc. Really good job and looked like a lot of fun!

It’s been a while since you posted this! I really liked it and I’m impressed with all the recording stuff you mentioned!! Great job!!

Thank you Eddie :exclamation: Actually, it was a lot of fun :exclamation:

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Thank you :exclamation: First time I do something with an original track. Lots of fun

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Great job Luc! I find it’s not often easy to play along with original tracks, you need to be really super precise with the tempo, but yours is very accurate and sounds very good! You’re also doing great with your chords :blush:

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Well done on progress made in the playing, Luc, looking good. Enjoyed the video production switching between recording the different layers you added over the original.

I would agree with Toby, that even if your final mix is different to the original for the sake of receiving feedback it is good to mix and ensure your guitar is distinct.

To that end, you may want to look at buying the back here where you can get the individual tracks. Then you can learn the song listening to isolated parts and make a final production that excludes the parts you want to add. For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield - Custom Backing Track - Karaoke Version

Keep doing what you are doing, cause you are doing great.

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Hi David ! Thank you for your feed-back ! Thank you also for telling me about this web site I didn’t know. Awesome ! I will need some practice and maybe some counselling. I just loaded a song (with all the instruments and vocal) and a Mp3 file was loaded in my computer. I thought I was loading files, with all the instruments, and that I could drag those in the Logic application AND THEN cut one instrument, lower the volume of this other one or turn up the volume of this other one. Now, if I understand well (…), I have to chose which tracks I want to buy and load FIRST (ex. All tracks without the rhythm guitar). Those chosen tracks are loaded to me as a unique Mp3 file. Then I am able to drag this Mp3 file in my Logic Pro program and add tracks I will create. Hope I’m clear… Google translater is a good friend of mine… Do I understand OK ? Is there at your knowledge a better way to proceed ?

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Lovely accompaniment Luc - sounded great!

Thank you Phil :exclamation:

Hi Silvia ! Thank you ! I have so much fun doing this. Practicing a little every day. Build new songs on vidéo for the Community and my YouTube channel. These are some kind of steps so I can go further to the next one (new grade, new chord, … ). Thanks again.

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Hi David. Just to say thank you again. I loaded my next song with no guitar and draged the Mp3 in the Logic program. Simple and sounds great. Thank you. A new toy to play with :grin: :smile: :grinning: :pray: :pray: :pray: :sunglasses: :laughing: :upside_down_face:

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Luc, the Community serves to help us all learn more through the knowledge of fellow members.

Glad you made some progress on the next recording

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Toby, any specific pointers you can share with Luc, related to making best use of as a source of BTs for playing over?

I liked it, looked fun and one or two stretchy chords in there! Well done.

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