New Songs are a dissappointment

So I get there may have been some licensing issues with some songs and they were taken away, but all the hundreds of songs they’re adding are just cheap midi piano play along versions.

Songs I already miss the most:
Pink Floyd - Wish you were here
Don McClean - American Pie
The Cranberries - Linger
Natalie Imbruglia - Torn

Justin’s lessons are top notch and I feel like I’ve learned a lot from him, but the song selection is going down the toilet. All the new stuff is 3 chord pop songs, that have been overly dumbed down, from the last 5 years that nobody has ever heard of.

Just wanted to vent after the latest song dump with nothing worth playing. I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling like this.

Nope, which is why it’s already been mentioned a number of times already in other recent threads…

The official response is that they are looking into making full tracks for the new songs at some point. But 600 songs are not going to be done overnight, so don’t hold you breath waiting for your personal favourites.

I’ve been running into these posts about the songs app and while I can sympathize with the people who cannot utilize it as much as they used to, I wonder if they’ve ever checked out the song lessons on the website. The songs mentioned by the OP, with one exception, have a lesson on the website (and there are about 700 song lessons in total). Why don’t you give them a chance?


I have, long before I subscribed to the app. It’s how I learnt the first proper (ie, non-Rocksmith) songs I know, after which I bought some of his books, and then the app.

However, the fact that Justin isn’t allowed to post tab to accompany his song lesson videos makes them a chore to follow for me… this finger in this fret, that finger… etc. I’ve always preferred written guides than videos. It takes seconds to read something which can take minutes to demonstrate visually. (Yes, I know about Justin’s paid tab service, but I can’t afford everything at once.)

Also, my primary use of the app is to play along with songs and feel like I’m in a band. Hence why midi songs and no singer just don’t cut it. That’s also something Justin’s videos can’t provide.

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I share @Goffik’s point of view and I can understand @AwwwHeck 's disappointment. Some users bought a 1 year subscription for 100$+ expecting to play their favorite songs with full backing track. And less than one month after their purchase, the tracks disappears for licensing issues which we can understand. But then after, the full band backing track disappear too and we go back to midi sound.

What gives me hope is that recently Musopia has got involved in the community and said that they would work on it : New songs not having full band track. So, I will give them a chance and hopefully we will get full band backing track soon :slight_smile:

agree. the App is going down the drain. especially I am not too sure about the licensing of the backing tracks, are THEY ARE NOT the originals some the origonal artist - which is not an issue. Maybe these recordings are done bya priviate studio that licensed them. The license is issuallya fixed price for year or defintive. you understand why songs dissapears…

Different strokes for different folks, I guess, regarding the teaching method.

As I’m not an avid app-user in general, I usually play along to the original recordings either on YouTube or on a streaming platform and try to work things (typically vocal lines or riffs) out by ear.

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I’m sorry, but that is simply not true. I really don’t understand why unhappy people need to make these gross exaggerations as if the world is ending… it doesn’t help anything. Midi songs are disappointing, but they don’t mean the whole app is ruined.

Also, the songs not being by the original artist is irrelevant. You can’t just copy someone else’s music and then put it in a paid app you expect to make a profit from. That would be blatant copyright infringement. So you need to get a license.

I’m not a big app user either, and my phone is bereft of all the “usual” apps people seem to love these days. (I also don’t use the JG app on my phone… I use it on PC via emulator.) :wink:

But playing along with YouTube, where you’re battling the actual guitarist, isn’t the same as playing along with the app for me. If it was I would literally have no reason to pay for the app at all, given that I use the website for lesson content. As you say, we all prefer different things, and in my case I want my fifty quid to be paying for songs that sound like a real band, not midi tracks I could make myself on a free DAW.

I understand where you are coming from Ross. There are short term solutions to practice playing some of those missing songs whilst everything hopefully gets resolved. There is one channel on YouTube I’m aware of which allows you to play along with the band. The first run through the guitarist plays and the next run through the guitarist stops playing to let you play along with the band whilst the chords are displayed on screen.

@socio, James I reckon quite OK to point people to the site. There is a fine line between sharing that is crossing the line and contrary to our spirit and enabling people to learn using other resources, which Justin himself has said is OK (I forget where I saw him actually ask for somebody to share a link)

If I recall correctly the site/channel you are referring to is a 30 day learn a song a day challenge presented by Keith Urban. It does present an alternative and perhaps covers some of the songs that people were learning on the App that have been dropped (for now).


Hi David, yes that is the one. Some of the songs Justin has song lessons on which are far superior in my honest opinion. Keith does have videos on a few of the missing songs like every rose has its thorn if you go to time frame 7:32 you can play with the band or time frame 9:53 you can be the player. That might help those that have been working on a song on the app which is currently not on the app anymore and want to continue practicing it in that sort of manner.

@Socio Thanks james. So a good option is to take a look at that challenge and use it as a supplement for songs where Justin has a lesson, to get the benefit of a convenient play along option if the App is not an option (either not available or just the midi at present).

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@DavidP Plus there should be a way to loop those sections of the YouTube video. Someone more tech savvy would be able to advise.

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:rofl: which is not me …

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Maybe a question for @sairfingers

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Speaking of Gordon… there is one song there covered by Keith which Justin used to have a lesson for but does not have anymore due to Mr Dylan and which he suggests learning in the beginners course… Knockin on Heaven’s Door.

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@Socio @DavidP Interesting challenge. 30 songs in 30 days. I will try it. Thanks ! :smiley:


Excuse me. Are you and @DavidP taking the pi**!

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Wait, what? Wish you were here was removed?? :cry: It’s in my repertoire of favorite songs to practice! Really sad to hear that!