New Strumming Course


Has anyone tried the new course yet? How’s it different to the old course?


Bart @GuitarZen
Yes I have got the course and in my opinion much improved on the old course. The first Grade deals with the basics and it has already pointed me to things I need to improve.


Thanks. I’ll give it a go.

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Not tried this yet but will do at some point. Too much on with the man course & theory courses at the moment!

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I’m not too familiar with ether at the moment. I do like the one in the beginning of Justins course but can’t compare.

Hi Everyone Im Billy been noodling with Guitar for near 2 years now been with justin from the start of my guitar journey and took this Course to improve my timming and Strumming skills play Acoustic mostly do have electric but saving that till im more confident to play some blues

Hi Billy. Sounds good. Are you on the new course? I’m wondering how it’s different from the old one.

Hi Bart sorry I can’t compare as I never took the old course

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Good luck with the course!

Thanks will let you know how it is

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but thought others would have the same question.
The way the strumming course is presented on the web, I am a little confused of the price structure. I understand it is still in works, and have confidence Justin will do great. My question is if grade 2 and 3 included in the price or is each separate? e.g. one price for all 3 grades or is each grade an additional cost?

Hi Bart I’m in agreement with Matt the new course goes into more depth than the old one. I too need to work on my strumming and find the exercises extremely helpful. I’m practicing hard and hope to see improvement soon :crossed_fingers:t3:


Hi George, each grade is paid for seperately

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@Billca @SgtAuto
I got this clarification on future modules



I think there are some very good aspects to this new module. I’ve finish listening to all the videos and I encourage everyone to apply this to themselves, I really think you’ll like it.

What I like.

In lesson 18, Add some ups. A task in here is the application of the strumming to some chords. Make Music :slight_smile:
The patterns and tempos aren’t that hard for grade, applying them to 3 chords is a different matter.
But, your task is repetition and note the changes in your skill.

I love rythem and for the most part I’m ok with it except in certain circumstances. It’s not to do with timing but direction of movements …foot goes down , then hand goes up. Brain confused now… This sence of odd contrary motion is my distraction and where I fail.

I think this course is fantastic and a must for everyone.

What I noted was the lack of a 6:8 strumming pattern and also from the workbook.
I think I came across a 6:8 rythem being used in Grade 1 beginners songs, possibly in the app.


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Rachel @Libitina
I don’t know but it is possible that 6:8 might be included in Grades 2 or 3.
Let’s hope so.

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