NGB - (New Guitar Build)

Hi Hec, .3mm is extremely thin. It would be very difficult to not sand through it. My top at the sound hole is usually 3mm thick. I would consider using veneer or other forms of wood, pearl, or abalone closer to 1.5 mm. Here is a link to how I made this rosette and inserted it. It is more difficult than a non-offset one, but the process is similar. This one from my previous build may be more helpful, since it is a perfectly round rosette. This is a video by a professional luthier that might be even better. Good luck, I would love to hear how it works out.

That looks absolutely gorgeous, I really like the contrast between the different woods and also the fact that you’ve added a player sound port. I’ve tried a guitar with one and found it really useful especially with dynamics; alas it was way beyond my budget! I’m just thinking about experimenting with one of my “inexpensive“ rescued guitars :smiling_imp:

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Thanks Darrell! If you know that the guitar you are going to put a sound port in has laminated sides, you can just drill a hole. I like using a forstner bit for a clean cut on the outside. If the guitar is one layer of solid wood you will want to glue a layer inside where the hole will be for support. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! :sunglasses:

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It’s definitely a laminated wood, it cost about £80 new (Harley Benton GS mini knock off), cue a wood bit and dremel :smiling_imp:

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Sounds like a good one to practice on. :wink:

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Hi Mark, thanks for them links they are great, however I got a bit mixed up I’m trying to make the veneer strips for example mahogany pine then mahogany stuck together to form a strip so they are 1.5mm x 0.3 each then glued together and pressed to form 1.5mm x 0.9mm by 300mm length to rap around the main rosette, hope you can grasp that. I’m working from a build from Alex willis luthier who is hard to contact. I also hope this is the right place to post this as I am new and do read a lot of concerns on what’s app.
when I find out how to post a picture I will let you see my failures thanks again for your help cheers HEC

Ok, I understand now. Multiple .3mm width pieces width wise, but 1.5mm depth. I have not used that technique. Good luck!

That resonator on the left is giving me the vapors. . .
I have a shiny resionator that I want to do a relic job on and the patina on that body is gorgeous! Is it a Recording King?

Hi Richard…
I spotted that one too & my guess is that it’s the Recording King Swamp Dog resonator.

They’re available used at Musician’s Friend for around $80 us less also. I nearly bought one & opted for the Recording King Style-O Hawaiian instead… it was a hard decision! It’s my “attempt to play slide” guitar… ‘nuff said!


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What a lovely looking guitar you have built Mark. I like the idea of the players sound hole as well.

You’re going to need a bigger wall.

@Richard_N , @CATMAN62 Yes, it is a Recording King Swamp Dog. I love the patina they put on it.

@SgtColon Thanks Stefan, At this point I will need more walls, or sell some of my other guitars. :scream:




Hi Mark clueless luthier, Hec here I seem to have managed that rosettee but a lot of work just hope I can finish the build its put me off a bit making that and thanks for your help cheers again

That looks great Hec! You can finish, just take your time and enjoy the process. Most of my mistakes occur when I get frustrated, impatient, or both. :wink: Make it about the process and the learning. Another piece of advice I got from a YouTube video by Chris at Driftwood Guitars is to finish the build even if you don’t think it will turn out. That way, even if it doesn’t you have learned the mistakes through the entire build. That way you have a much better chance of being happy with your next one. Cheers!

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Cheers Mark I do appreciate your help and advice, and as you know its a costly job with the price of timber these days and yeah ill try and finish it might take awhile but ill keep going cheers HEC

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Beautiful work Mark, another truly impressive instrument. The inlay work is gorgeous!

Thanks Mark!

Hi Hec here, As well as starting a new build I have started a refurb to a squire Strat, I found it on E Bay and some selfish person has trashed it. so I intend fixing her up and making her playable again. I have always fancied a Fernandes Sustainer so decided to go all the way with this Squire, I am just wondering if anybody has fitted or taking this sort of job on, I have started the routing and its not for the faint hearted :worried: any help out there

Hi Hec, I haven’t done any work putting in pickups, but based on your comment about routing I am assuming you haven’t done much of it. If I am correct, the most important advice I can give is be very careful. The router is one of the most dangerous tools in a shop. If I am wrong, the only advice I guess I could give is to try and take multiple passes while increasing the depth a little at a time. Good Luck! :sunglasses:

Thanks mark, appreciate your help I am confident with power tools as I am an electrician by trade well retired now, but yeah you are right power tools are very dangerous especially a router and as you know its not a kitchen bench its small uneven and tricky. so people buy these things and the instructions clearly say ability in soldering routing and read a multi meter, but nothing about the job ahead and there’s not much on the internet so on ill go Mark. can I ask how and when can you be come a luthier and here is some B4s Thanks Mark :carpentry_saw: :axe: