NGD - My First LP

This little beauty arrived yesterday, a day Late !

Had the supplier set it up with Elixir nano web 9’s. Action is nice and low so hammer ons and pull offs are unbelievably simple compared to ant other guitar I have.

It’s quite a lump at 8lb 4oz yet on the lower end for an LP, good job I usually play sitting down.

it seems odd the poker chip isn’t fitted as standard and having read it can be a bit fiddly to fit straight I preempted the challenge and bought one of these which made it a doddle.

It really is a thing of beauty, not sure whether to play it or just stare at it :joy:


Sure is a pretty guitar Greg - I hope she sounds a good as she looks!

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Hi Greg,
Happy NGD :partying_face: :sunglasses:
Have decades of fun with it :sunglasses:

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Happy NGD Greg, that is a beauty. Love the colour. I hope you have many years of happiness from it.

I’d just sit and stare for a while.

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Happy NGD… looks great and I’m sure sounds even better!

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Oooo nice, happy NGD.

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Really nice, Greg. Enjoy it to the max!

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Cheers all. It’s the cheapest new Gibson LP you can buy, when I say cheapest it’s not really cheap.

I looked at lots of other makers and even some I’d never heard of that looked incredible but in the end thought if I went elsewhere I’d still want a Gibson so justified it by saving money on not having to buy two, we will see how that strategy plays out.

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I think next month I’ll buy a ferrari and a new house and a boat…or…Thomann look what I didn`t buy???

Enjoy and cherish your purchase for a long time :sunglasses:


Happy NGD Greg. Don’t leave that clip on tuner on the headstock the rubber can react with the finish.

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Thanks for the tip Rick, it is my first nitro :+1:

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Also don’t use a vinyl strap or a leather strap with a lot of dye in it. Vinyl will react with the nitro and heavily dyed leather will bleed into the nitro. If you have a cloth strap make sure the ends aren’t vinyl.
Have fun with her, she’s a beauty

Should also add don’t us guitar stands with vinyl or cheap rubber covering the metal.
These are the stands and hangers I use and have never had a problem in over 20 years on any of my Gibsons

Rick, did you mean to add a link or two ?

I’m using this hanger with foam, suitable ?

The strap I have has black leather at each end, no good ? Suggestions ?

Sorry Yes those are the hangers I use I have 3 and the Hercules double floor stand.

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What a beut!

That’s easy Greg.
Play it!

Ya got a real beauty there man. Congrats for sure.
I’m envious.

I’d leave it in it’s case. Nothing more protective than that.
I got cheapo guitars compared to what ya just got there.
My cheapo guitars all live in a case when not in use. imho, it just ain’t worth the chance of something happening to them, even if they (my guitars) are cheapo guitars. Yours ain’t cheapo, I’d put it in a case, it ain’t that hard to get it out when ya wanna play. Besides, that’s what a case is for, to protect your guitar.
If I had that, it for sure would live in a case unless I was playing it.
Great score man. Have a great time!

Thought your were a Gen Z’er who just discovered vinyl.

Nice guitar!

Whatever gave you that idea, I’ll have you know I’ve got thats what I call music 1 somewhere and I bought at the time :joy:

Oh no couldnt be doing with in and out of the case everyday. All my guitars hang on the wall or on a small floor stand. I like them to hand. Only time they go in cases is when they leave the house.